Forks over knives

Review: Forks over Knives

We watched the movie and needless to say we weren’t impressed. It’s littered with misinformation, unsubstantiated claims and conclusions. If you decide to watch the movie or already have, we would like you to consider the following:

Sick and tired of junk salads 

The movie immediately started out demonizing animal products without any facts, erroneously linking dietary cholesterol to atherosclerosis.

Cholesterol causes atherosclerosis and other BS

It has been proven that atherosclerosis is caused by chronic inflammation, not cholesterol. It is time to finally acknowledge that eggs and butter  are not there to kill you. But what causes the chronic inflammation? Blood cholesterol certainly has nothing to do with it.

Despite the facts the movie insists that animal products are harmful. This is where deception happens. Processed food keep getting lumped together with animal foods. For example, a study on casein ends up blaming meat for our health troubles. But what one has to do with the other? Casein is a protein found in milk, not meat. Furthermore sausage is not meat, it’s a processed food and there are many different grades of quality available.

How does organic raw dairy food (live food) compare to pasteurized dairy food (dead food) from sick cows? How does a McDonald’s hamburger compare to organic grass fed beef? The move makes no distinctions.

It is about poor lifestyle, not animal foods

Did you noticed that the before diet of an individual was never revealed, only the new diet. If someone ate Donuts and McDonald’s before and then switched to quality home cooked vegetables …… of course they will feel better, but what does that have to do with eliminating quality animal products.

How does starting to exercise while at the same time an individual stops eating meat, implicate the lack of meat for feeling better? That’s biased and purely just nonsense.

We noted that most anybody slim was really just skinny fat, no muscle at all, which is no surprise to us. In order to build quality muscle, quality fat and complete protein sources are required. Consider that steroid hormones are made from cholesterol.

There are a lot of conclusions with little detail of the research …… correlation isn’t necessarily causation. Thread carefully or the media will get you fooled, maybe even suggest that you need a juicer… preferably from their own factory.

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