RTR 2020 Health Chats

RTR2020 – Join our Health Chats!

Hi! It’s awesome to have you here. Please join our Health Chats at RTR2020. Health Chats are organized by DrD, a retired naturopathic physician.

Our RTR 2020 Location

We are about to finalize our RTR location. We are going to first park on BLM at Ehrenberg AZ and settle next to Schooliepaloozas. We want to start our health chats as early as January 13th and carry on till 27th January or later if there is sufficient interest.

We will update GPS coordinates immediately upon arrival. If we change our location, we will update the GPS coordinates accordingly, so you won’t gets lost.

OUR RTR2020 GPS coordinates: to be updated when details and known or upon arrival

Here is our short RTR2020 trailer:

Our RTR 2020 Schedule:

Our mission is to help you achieve your best in health. Bring all your questions. Feel warmly invited to our informal health chats and demo sessions during RTR 2020. Everyone is welcome. Bring your chair and your one-hour necessities.

Our schedule (topics and dates/times) will be announced as soon as we arrive at BLM. For now here are our tentative health chats topics:

  1. Last 10 pounds, tips, tricks, realities
  2. How healthy are you? Things you can measure yourself
  3. Your lifespan in grip strength; come for a check up
  4. How to increase your attractiveness factor
  5. Foods that give high blood pressure and diabetes
  6. Let’s not panic about cholesterol
  7. Reversing aging for people over 40
  8. Health myths you fell for
  9. Diabetes without drugs

A formal presentation on “one pot no junk cooking” will be given during RTR2020. Please refer to HOWA schedule for dates and timing.

Other topics, Q&As will be organized on as needed basis. If you have a suggestion, please let us know.

This page is updated regularly. Please mark it and come back soon for updates.

In the meantime see whether you think like us. Here is a test for you.

PS. After RTR we are going to head towards San Carlos, Mexico. It is a beautiful place. We will be organizing a caravan that includes 10-14 day boondocking at our Mexican place. More details soon.