RTR 2020 Health Chats

RTR2020 Memories

Time flies, especially when you are having fun. Our Health Chats at RTR 2020 came to an end. It’s time to cherish memories and go about new adventures. To view photos from the get-together in Arizona please jump to Health Chats Memories post.

Health Chats Quick Memories

Health Chats RTR 2020
First Health Chat get-together was a huge success! Everyone got super-excited and will be bringing friends for the next gathering. Due to requests, we changed the timing of the meetings to 4:30pm. Shall I say… see you later?


On Friday we had our first book draw. Congratulations to Anita. She won 69 Pleasures, a cookbook for people on the go. PS. The next draw will be held coming Friday. Please come to our Heath Chats to be included in the draw.


Sunday exercise demo, one of the add-ons to our Health Chats


Health Chat fun. Testing adrenal function with blood pressure monitor. We got one of the victims on the ground.


In between Health Chats, behind the van… Uthing in full swing (literally)

Health Chats – New Group at RTR2020!

What were those Health Chats all about?

For the first time ever we organized Health Chats at RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous). They were to bring health message to vanlifers and RViers in the desert of Arizona. They turn out to be a success as they entertained, enlightened, and motivated the crowd every afternoon between 13 and 26 of January 2020. Here is the trailer we made to spread the message about Health.

Our Health Chats Schedule:

Here are the topics we covered:

Week 1

  • Jan 13th: Welcome session: who is who;
  • Jan 14th: Healthy weight loss; how to and how not to (+BMI test)
  • Jan 15th: What is good health and how healthy are you? Things you can measure yourself (+balance test + EMF test)
  •  Jan 16th: Your lifespan in grip strength (+ joint health); come for a check up (+grip strength test)  oxalate pdf link ; dynamometer link
  • Jan 17th: How to increase your attractiveness factor; body clues, sex & sex appeal; (+W/H measurement)
  •  ADDED: Jan 18th: Nutrition 101; The fastest way to health
  • ADDED: Jan 19th: Exercise on the road 101; link to portable kettlebells

Week 2

  • Jan 20th: T2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome; foods to use, foods to avoid (+metabolic speed self-test)
  • Jan 21st: Blood pressure, high and low; causes and nutritional fixes(+oxygen saturation test + BP test for adrenal exhaustion)
  • Jan 22nd: Heart heath: let’s not panic about cholesterol (+BP test for atherosclerosis)
  • Jan 23rd: Our meat only experiment: good and bad; is it for you?
  • Jan 24th: Current and future nutritional fads (+food sensitivity self-test+ water Uthivity test)


Our WRTR/RTR presentations

  • DONE: WRTR: 15th Jan (Wed); @ 1pm – look for “3 steps to health” – 3 revelations on why we get sick-stuck and how to shortcut the road to health
  • DONE: RTR: 26th Jan (Sun); @2pm breakout session; look “One pot cooking” – no junk yum on the road for health nuts


Healthy on the road, how?

69 Pleasures kindle coverBelieve or not a healthy (and fun) cookbook for vanlifers and RViers does exist! It’s the only one-pot cookbook on the market that does not involve pre-packaged sh.. or garbage condiments.

Specially created for frugal cooks, foodies that have no access to fancy groceries, and those who want minimal cleanup, but maximum flavor. No mess, no fancy robots, no waste of energy. Just 69 Pleasures. Perfect for a small stove or a solar-powered slow-cooker. Oh, did I say it’s grain- and gluten- free?


In the meantime we would like to tickle your brain.

Are you on the road to health?

Here is a 1-minute test for you.