Where is the Uthorium?

Uthorium is located 5 minutes away from a picturesque town San Carlos in Sonora, Mexico. We are about 3 km from the famous sandy beach of Los Algodones, Sea of Cortez, famously known as The World’s Aquarium.

Border requirements:

  • Passport: You will need a valid passport or passport card if coming from USA or Canada.
  • Visa: To cross into Mexico you will need a tourist card called FMM, which you can obtain at the border. FMM is an “admission document” for tourist, and is not considered a visa. The cost for is $558 pesos per person (about US $30). For detailed info check bajabound website.
  • TIP: You DO NOT NEED a TIP (temporary vehicle permit) to visit us in San Carlos unless planning to go further into the mainland. San Carlos is part of the Mexican free zone (just like Baja California), where TIP does not apply.
  • Car insurance: You need a Mexican car insurance, which you can get on line without hassles from bajabound.com. You should do it a few days before crossing the border.

Directions to San Carlos:

  • By car: If crossing the border at Nogales, drive Hwy 15 towards Guaymas, then take road 124 towards San Carlos. Both Hwy 15 and especially road 124 is well maintained. San Carlos is about 400 km South of Nogales, which is about 5 hrs drive.
  • By plane: the closest international airport is in Hermosillo, which is about 150 km from the Uthorium, about 2-hour drive. Best if you rent a car at the airport and drive along Hwy 15 towards Guaymas, then take road 124 towards San Carlos. There are several well-known car rental companies at the airport including Avis, National, Alamo, Hertz, and Avis.

Note: Phoenix is the only city outside Mexico that has a direct flight to Hermosillo. If you come from another city expect at least one stopover.


The Weather

Weather in San Carlos between December and March is more than desirable. The average temperatures fluctuate between 24-27 C (75-81 F) during the day and 12-15 C (53-58 F) during the night. Between November to May expect very little rain, if at all. If you like sightseeing temperatures aim between early December to early March. For beach weather shoot between late November to mid April. You will find details at this weather page


Local Fun

San Carlos is not just restaurants and hotels. It is an outdoor paradise. You can climb Tetakawi peaks, sneak through Nacapule Canyon, or dive with sea lions at San Pedro Island. You can dive in crystal clear water, kayak along dolphins, sing with whales, paddle board till the paddle falls off, or just go big-time fishing. You can do all that, because…

…. Sea of Cortez is called the Aquarium of the World. You can see dolphins, sea lions, humpbacks, whale sharks, orcas, manta rays, sea turtles, and thousands of colorful fish close by. That makes golfing, paintballing, ATVing in the desert dirt, horse riding along the beach rather boring activities. But heck, if you like them, you can book them.