Seven day health quest – Part 1

When you are fed up of your daily routine, had enough of your boss and travelling the same streets day in and day out … you take a vacation. You drive away, fly away or possibly just change your routine for a few days. We don’t.

We don’t take vacations to “get away from” but to complement our work. Our work is our passion, our hobby and our livelihood all at the same time. We live it not because we have to, but because we love to do it and we would not do it any other way.

Health is a philosophy

This time (Dec 2012) we went for a “seven day health quest” where we combined physical challenges and spiritual pursuits. As usual we aim to show you that:

  • Health can save you money. Nutritious meals are inexpensive and absolutely possible even during travelling on a budget.
  • Health provides entertainment because healthy people have more fun.
  • Health is much more than just healthy eating. It is an entire philosophy that ends with functional longevity and the wisdom of life called enlightenment.

Hardship, lessons on self-mastering

Why don’t we just go on regular vacations where we bask on a beach and get pampered in a 5-star hotel? We believe that passion for experience, physical challenge, and a yearning for knowledge constitutes the basis for a healthy attitude. This same attitude may persuade you to willingly endure the necessary hardship that goes along with mastering any emotional, mental, or physical pursuit.

Our unusually well-performing half-century old bodies reflect our uncommon philosophy. We are healthier, more solid, slimmer, and younger-looking than the statistically standard North American in our age bracket.

Effort required…

Everybody wants a strong, conditioned, good looking body, but not everyone understands the key ingredients to remain youthful inside and out. It is easy to appear healthy and vibrant when you are in your 20s or 30s, but keeping it up well into your 40s, 50s and beyond is a different story.

Little Abkhazia in British Columbia

Andi and I are living examples that it can be done and we want to show you how. However, we feel there are others that know even more about it than we do. Our British Columbia trip culminated with us paying a visit to a 97-year old Abkhazian elder. Abkhazia features legendary longevity with people reaching well over 100 in exceptionally functional health, both mentally and physically. We wanted to learn about Abkhazian health-promoting philosophy.

We call our health-seeking adventures Live Uthing for obvious reason. We strive to live as youthfully as we can. Live Uthing is a philosophy and you can consider us the main actors. You can just watch us and get excited while we go on life-changing adventures or use our wisdom and tips to create your own long-lasting youthfulness. Regardless of how you are to do it we want you to have fun while participating in our health-promoting Live Uthing adventures.

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