Seven Day Health Quest – Part 10

Day 2 December 26th, 2012,

I thought I had it planned well: dog sledding in the morning, Gondola mid-day and a stroll through town in the evening. That was supposed to take up the entire day.

Unfortunately Banff turned out to be a relatively small town: five streets altogether, at least it seemed that way, and left us itinerary-free for the evening. We did not want to waste a single minute of our “vacation” and decided that we wouldn’t just end the day doing “nothing”. How about a romantic evening?

Romantic evening in Banff

We are adventurous, spontaneous and experienced, but even for us creating a romance in -30 degrees Celsius was challenging. Forget about highly advertised and popular couples horse sleigh rides.

There is a prize to pay when sitting motionlessly for an hour in the deep freeze: a face decorated with a red nose like Rudolph the Reindeer is the least of it, and In case you do not know a red nose is not good for romantic advances. It makes things confusing.

A dinner in a cozy restaurant? This option was already taken by many tourists that decided to hide from the frosting wind. We saw no available space at least on these five available Banff streets. So what now? Fortunately a small liquor store was open. We went in there pondering how many types of alcoholic beverages not seen in Ontario lined up on the shelves in Alberta.

Buzz and romance go well together

We picked one of two available organic red wine labels. Great idea! A slight buzz and romance go well together. Never mind  that antioxidants and cardiovascular health go hand in hand, so are fermented beverages and healthy digestion. Thank you liquid fermented grapes! You give us relaxing moments, outstanding cardio performance, and a quiet digestion. You cannot ask for more on a romantic evening.

But don`t mix red with beige

But our minds do not sleep. How about spicing up the grapes? Wine and a bath! That’s sounds nearly like a private spa experience! This would be really luxurious.

We rushed to our hotel clutching bottled happiness in our hands. Our snowed booths were off within a nano-second after opening our room. I dashed into the travel bags to pull our wine glasses, silver tray, and stylish napkins… but they weren’t there. Instead we had to settle for our light weight titanium, but totally not romantic travel mugs.

The bathroom was non-romantic either. The standard boring beige color killed the romantic spirit and the bathtubs smallness caused more awkwardness than romance. I’ve learned an important lesson. Red grapes do not go well with beige hotel bathrooms.

I guess, that would be good night…

By now it was 9 pm. TV did not offer much variety. News or sports? I wasn’t into either that particular evening. I plugged in the computer, connected it to WiFi, checked e-mails, and wrote some diary lines on MS Word.

Andi entertained himself by arguing with talking political heads on TV. Apparently their points “did not make sense”. Only the next election will show if they took Andi’s points seriously.

Tomorrow we will be checking out of the hotel. The plan is to visit Johnston Canyon, possibly Peyto Lake and enjoy Lake Louise. We also will have a few hours of driving to do to our next sleeping destination, so good night for now.

To be continued…

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Beautiful downtown Banff scenery
No, altough it matched his disapproval face from watching the news, Andi was actually just contemplating
more camping then romance, red wine in a titanium mug?
Both of us are slim and fit into clothing labeled “small”, but this stamped steel tub is not a romantic fit for both of us

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