Seven Day Health Quest – Part 15

28 December 2012 (Revelstoke)

We checked out of the Canyon Hotel early in the morning. No rush, today was supposed to be easy.

The aim of the day, as well as the entire trip, was to get to Vernon, BC where we were to meet an Abkhazian elder for valuable words of wisdom on health and longevity.

The morning was non-attractive weather-wise. It was mild, but felt wet and was overcast. A morning like that should be spent indoors. That was exactly our plan.

After bacon & eggs..

After our standard bacon and eggs breakfast made on the hotel ironing board (please guys, this is not a joke; we really did that) we drove some two kilometers to the “famous” Revelstoke Aquatic Centre located in a larger community complex.

A modern dark blue and wood-like finish felt inviting. It was still “morning” and there weren’t many cars on the parking lot. In fact, there was only one in our entire field of vision. For a moment we thought the center was closed, but the entrance door opened after we gave it a slight push and the center greeted us with a strong whiff of chlorine.

Ladies to the right

The lady at the reception welcomed us in. Three bucks later and we headed for the change rooms with tokens in hands for the lockers. Andi went to the left I followed the “ladies” signs to the right.

Few steps inside and the change room presented itself with few rows of grey lockers. That was new for me. I haven’t used public lockers for at least ten years and I did not want to risk locking in my stuff permanently due to my outdated mechanical skills. I needed to know how the lock worked, so at least I had to have a plan B for getting my belongings out in case I would screw up. I decided to make a “dry-run”.

Bikini lock out

I fit the key inside the lock, turn it to the right… oh, I see.. this part moves, this part stays in place… easy. I understand, I am perfectly safe now. I changed to a red hot skimpy bikini, stuffed my winter bulk in the locker and…. Oops! the key does not turn the opposite way! The lock does not retract! I guess I have accomplished exactly the opposite to what I was afraid of. Instead of permanently locking my stuff in I have permanently locked my stuff out. What now?

My blood pressure started to climb realizing that I have two unappealing solutions. I am menopausal and according to a popular opinion I am entitled to high blood pressure at this advanced age, lol. Solution number one was to risk leaving my stuff in the open locker and go swimming. The other option was to run back half naked to the greeting desk and beg for another token – quite embarrassing, yet more situation-appropriate.

A quick recall of the number of cars on the parking swayed me to think that there should not be anybody around. I peeked outside the change room just to make sure I am right. I made a few quick steps towards the exit. The corridor made a sharp turn to the right… Oops!!!!!

Good morning, sorry for the flash

There was no time to retract. He already saw me. I saw his eyes froze with disbelief and the image of surprise painted on his face. My stomach went up to my throat. What was he thinking: “Oh, great! Babes are coming out. Let me get a closer look.” or maybe “What the heck is wrong with the elderly today?”

I hastened up my steps to get his eyes off me, but he persisted as I was passing him by. His 3-year old started to scream loudly trying to get dad’s attention back. Maybe I should have left the locker open after all. I caused too much social disruption.

The welcome lady at the reception acted understanding despite her contradictory pitiful look in her eyes I am wondering was it because of my not-so-menopausal swimwear or because of my accidental lock up? I did not want to waste time asking foolish questions, so grabbed the replacement token and quickly disappeared back in the change room.

To be continued…

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Reception desk at the Aquatic Centre, clean and modern facilities. This early in the morning, it was all for us.

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