Seven Day Health Quest – Part 16

28 December, 2012 (Swimming)

After properly securing my outdoor clothing in the community swimming pool locker I entered the Revelstoke community indoor water paradise. Chlorine smell was obvious right from the beginning, but the experience was worth it nonetheless.

Revelstoke Aquatic Center

Revelstoke aquatic centre offered three separate swim sections. The largest area was a gradually deepening splash area. I jumped in. The water was warm and only knee high. There were only three other patrons in the water, so it felt private, spacious and nice.

Few steps forward and the water rose up to my crotch. I kept on going. Mid-pool the water was as high as my belly button and the end of the pool water was approximately at my chest level. This area was perfect for kids.

It was mid-winter, Christmas break, ugly morning and you would think all families would be here, but that wasn’t the case. Revelstoke is a residence to only 1,000 kids (as per most recent census), so even with its 25-metre pool offering lane swimming, a climbing wall, a leisure pool with a lazy river, a wild waterslide, a hot tub, and a sauna and steam room the facility will never be overcrowded. Here is a hint for you: if you ever go near Revelstoke, BC, please pack your swimsuit. You will not regret it.

Water romance

Hot water, lazy river, and a whirl area offer many romantic possibilities. Sorry, no pictures. Our camera is not waterproof so many things can only be left to your imagination. Here are some key words you may start your imagination with: floating, swirling, diving, hiding, bubbling, screaming, jumping, riding, ballooning, giggling, dragging, bouncing, ricing, submerging, gliding, slipping, and simply getting silly.

Don’t mess with good health

We spend two full hours splashing around. So much fun! Health is a wonderful gift, health gives you opportunities, health gives you freedom, so please don’t mess it up or you will end up with non-romantic scenarios despite obvious opportunities. Remember, healthy people have more fun… because they can.

We dried ourselves off from chlorinated droplets. Jumped in the car and drove off. Today was the day we were going to meet the longevity guru: Murat Yagan, but before we see him we will stop by another BC tourist attraction: Makalawa suspension bridge.

To be continued…

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Nope, neither is me. One is too big and the other too hairy
Decorated in a lovely rocky mountain theme
Lane swim, splash pool, hot tub, sauna and …. rock climbing
From the exit you can see just how large the facility is

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