Seven Day Health Quest – Part 17

28 December, 2012 (Malakwa)

Still slightly wet from the morning swim we drove off towards our next tourist attraction: Malakwa suspension bridge.

100-year old bridge

Our drive from Revelstoke to Vernon did not offer many tourist-acclaimed spots except this one, but its advertising on “Tourist Attraction Revelstoke British Columbia” looked good, and the description was enticing: “Malakwa is the site for an exciting suspension bridge spanning the Eagle River. Originally built in 1915 to connect the farmers with the local community and school system”, so we decided to spend some time admiring this 100 years old bridge.

“You are very close…”

By the time our hair, or rather my hair was dry (from water play earlier this morning) I had to attend to “you are very close” GPS signals. Forty minutes roughing an icy mountainous road passed time very quickly. My job was to ensure that we didn’t get lost and I was on the lookout for the fantastic Malakwa bridge.

“I think we have to turn right now” I said with hesitation. Although GPS said to turn right the road to turn to did not look inviting or even very passable. I kept quiet hoping GPS will self-correct and find another Malakwa bridge nearby, but it did not and persistently started pointing the blue arrow in the opposite direction we were driving.

After some ten kilometers going in the wrong direction I started to get agitated. Either I lose face that I am no good at directions or we miss that fantastic suspension bridge. I decided to lose face.

We turned back. This time I was determined not to lose the turn. We drove slowly, which according to Andi is just a tad higher than the speed limit. “We are getting very close… Turn now!” Turn where? There is no road. Thirty seconds later the blue arrow pointed backwards. Again we are going in the wrong direction.

The noise in the car started to escalate. Now both of us were quarreling with the GPS. After a few more U turns we drove into a forgotten side road. The snow was high. The car was slow. According to a side-road worker we were very close. Unfortunately there were no signs. We kept on driving in circles and up and down the road. Somebody showed up at the nearby school. “Oh, it is just down the road, like 30 meters from here”. We followed the direction and… what a disappointment!

All this for crooked iron railings

The bridge made an impression of a sloppily put together temporary structure. No way had it any of the expected majesty of a 100-year old bridge. Crooked iron railings, worn out wooden slats covered with dirty snow and physiological remnants of animals wasn’t the attraction we were awaiting. We walked up and down the bridge trying to make the most of our time. Maybe summer looks better here, but in winter you may safely pass this “attraction” by.

To be continued…

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“Where is the bridge? I can’t see it.”
We made it, the not so majestic suspension bridge
Charming view form the center of the not so impressive bridge.
Malakwa Bridge Uthing
Does it rock back and forth? Will it show on video?

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