Seven Day Health Quest – Part 19

28th December 2012 (Wayne & Dianne)

We were back at Wayne & Dianne place around 5 pm. Both Dianne and Wayne were very considerate and accommodating. Dianne worked her magic in the kitchen while Wayne entertained with drinks and conversation in their cozy basement rec-room.

The wine was good. On empty stomach even four oz. of organic fermented grapes will certainly get into your head or maybe just mine … I lost track at that point.

Turkish delights delighted us

Half way through our heated conversation about Murat and his historical whereabouts Dianne showed up with Turkish delights in her hands. We welcomed the sweets. It is a known phenomenon that health guards weaken under alcoholic influences. I do not know what else was there, but all ended up in the right place medically called abdominal cavity.

We had no hesitations as to reaching for seconds. Dianne made sure that all goods were from a health food store and organic on top of that. This is how far they went to accommodate our health fancies. Maybe they were crazy … or maybe they simply wanted to honor their Abkhazian tradition.

A bit of Abkhazia

Abkhazians are known for their hospitality. They study their guests before their arrival to ensure all needs of the guests would be met. It is their utmost pride to ensure guests are completely satisfied.

Although guest satisfaction is not new in tourism industry in North America we would point out very different motives behind the two approaches. It is nice to know that some cultures are not focused on money. I wish there would be a time we could also re-prioritize our lives to accommodate other than monetary satisfaction in our lives. Despite all odds, it is possible. Wayne and Dianne are great examples.

Did he toothbrush?…

It was very very dark outside and probably something like eleven when we actually retired. Dianne and Wayne gave us a large guest bedroom in the basement and their cat decided to share the bed with us. We were really tired. Our backpacks ended up on the floor, tablet, camera, and electronics on the large round wooden table standing in the corner.

When I came back from the bathroom I threw myself on the bed. My mouth was still tingly from the toothpaste when I drifted off. Not sure about Andi, if he toothbrushed as well, lol.

To be continued…

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Our gracious hosts Wayne
Conversing about Abkhazian traditions
Our spacious room
Our watchcat?

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