Seven Day Health Quest – Part 21

29th December 2012 (Abkhazians)

So, we finally got to meet Murat. Being a naturopathic doctor I was very curious as to Murat’s state of health. I have read his books about longevity, but theory is theory. I know from experience that practice may be something else.

97 and not bedridden?

I wanted to see the proof with my own eyes and touch with my own hands, otherwise it would just be hearsay. I was hoping that Murat would not disappoint me by either being bedridden, frail and incoherent or on bunch of prescription drugs. After all as per popular North American view of good health, reaching 100 years is an exceptional feat, and poor quality of life is habitually excused.

Health without tunnel vision

I was encouraged by his books. He is the only author I know about that demonstrates an understanding of health beyond nutrition and exercise. Frankly, I am completely fed up of books with tunnel vision, books that limit health to eating whole grains or doing yoga poses.

Good health starts with sound emotional balance, group consciousness, healthy beliefs and sustainable practices, but not with soy late, multivitamins or body-flow classes. It is truly sad that we have bought into small minded thinking and we allow corporate interests to dictate whether we buy maple-flavored low fat oats or whole nutri-grain granola bars for our “healthy” breakfast. We are so “buzzword” oriented that we have lost the ability to think for ourselves and no longer distinguish food from food-like products.

No buzzwords in Abkhazia

I like Murat’s books, but they are not for everybody. Do not expect smoothie recipes, or explanations of why your belly bloats in any of his writings. They provide nothing what America craves – buzz words or celebrity photos.

Instead you can expect thorough explanation about Abkhazian’s culture, their life priorities and reasons behind their legendary longevity. I think he made an outstanding presentation of what health is all about: solid social structure, group consciousness, daily health rituals and sustainable ecological practices.

Sorry folks. Daily health rituals of Abkhazians do not start with pill popping, but with experiencing harmony of belonging, understanding of social function, and the sense of responsibility of bringing an individual contribution to the group.

No flavored cereals or exercise DVDs

Abkhazians put a lot of effort into proper food preparation, but not into selecting the most fiber-rich cereal box in the supermarket or finding the favorite peach flavored drink on sale. Abkhazians understand the health value of physical exertion, which does not include exercising to PGX90 DVD’s. They also understand the need for frequent detoxification rituals, which do not involve buying the current most popular bowel detox kits from your favorite health food store.

True meaning of health

If you are looking for practical health tips on how to lose weight, the most recent scientific explanation of insulin resistance, or you just want to validate your current antioxidant routine Murat’s books are not for you. They will however challenge your morals, beliefs, and your overall life position.

Reading his books requires an open mind, your view on health will change and you will understand how little meaning the current disputes about what food is good for the heart and whether walking is good exercise actually have. While attending to all those little details we have completely missed the true meaning of health. We have forgotten the tried and proven wisdom of our ancestors.

Start with a good look inside

How to go about betting truly healthy? Start with honesty, honor, self-responsibility, accountability and selflessness in your daily life. The effect of these values will add more to your health and those close to you than your daily portion of quinoa.

As to Murat… all in the next part

To be continued…

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