Seven Day Health Quest – Part 23

29th December 2012 (Love talk)

If you want to thank your hosts for their time and kindness what kind of gifts are you thinking of? Wine? Chocolate’s? Spice rack? We brought none of those.

How to please an Abkhasian

In the attempt to bridge east and west we “imported” traditional Ontario foods to British Columbia in the form of organic maple syrup, organic apple butter, and unpasteurized honey. These were small but yet well thoughtful gifts that are similar to some of their traditional foods, gifts that should please Abkhazian tastes.

However, the biggest gift we were carrying was the gift of knowledge. As a naturopathic doctor I wanted to bridge the gap between science and tradition. I wanted to use science to validate the Abkhazian health view. Such opportunity emerged that evening after we had dinner with Murat’s family.

Love, waves, and witchcraft

Some twenty followers of Murat’s community got together around seven pm. After the customary pleasantries and a few glasses of red wine it was gently suggested to start my presentation. My head was buzzing from wine at that time and I was hoping that my state of mind may have released me from the promised talk, but it did not.

With Andi’s help I started my computer and loaded up a power point presentation. Three glasses of cold water cleared my head. My talk was titled “Love, waves, health, and witchcraft” and it wasn’t a typical health talk. There was nothing about diet or exercise. There was nothing about medical advances. There was nothing about supplements, yet the talk was 100% about health.

From Hamer to bliss in 30 minutes

In thirty minutes of time I linked Dr. Hamer’s discoveries to emotional conflict to electromagnetic fields to brain waves to heart field projection to physiological responses to heart variability to heart coherence to immunoglobulin’s to matrix regulation to liquid crystals to Emoto’s work to seven petals to homeopathy and eventually to bliss.

I know… for regular folk most of these concepts (maybe except “brain waves” and “bliss”) are new and foreign. Yet these concepts constitute the very fabric of health. They are defining our health and well-being at every single second. They carry more weight on our health then any effort of making green smoothies for breakfast or strict adherence to clean vegetarian diet. These concepts are seldom known to doctors and patients alike but lack of their understanding is the very underlying reason why our health is so poor today and health care so ineffective.

The rules of longevity

Abkhazians did not know the science behind these concepts neither they cared about finding out about them, because they did not have to. They unknowingly just lived by these rules and their legendary longevity seemed to be the end effect of it.

Abkhazians lived in a still clean environment, had discipline to prepare healthy foods, practiced detoxification, exercised daily, minimized stress through solid social and family structure, expected to be functionally healthy and not sick into old age. More or less the opposite to what we live by in North America and most of the western world. Something to think about…

It’s called social loquaciousness

But let’s go back to the talk. Apparently it was good, according to Andi, who got so stimulated that he took over and kept on talking explaining his view on health for the rest of the evening. Eventually it wasn’t very evident who’s talk it was to begin with. Oh, well… we all had a good time.

To be continued…

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Getting to know everyone …
Abkhazia Uthing
… and some wine
Post talk discussion
Andi in his element …. talking.

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