Seven Day Health Quest – Part 4

Still Day 1 (Tuesday, 25th December 2012)

I am not into high tech, and sitting on a plane can be boring. After convincing myself that nobody is about to blow up our plane I ventured into discovering colorful buttons on the LED screen in front of me. News, music and movies … tap, tap, tappity tap … hey how about “Ice Age”.

Age-appropriate entertainment

I always wanted to see that movie, but would not dare to go the cinema to see it. No way would I risk revealing my … ahem …. “youthful” taste. In the airplane however Ice Age seemed an innocent choice. After all, all other movies I already saw, good excuse? Of course!

Ice Age was engaging. I forgot where I was. I caught myself making faces while following the story. I laughed aloud and shed a few tears in secrecy. The cartoon captured my attention and sucked me in more than “Mission Impossible”.

Just book AirCanada

I was not alone, a quick peak of Andi’s console revealed a surprise …. he was a mere 10 min behind me also watching Ice Age. A glance to my right and … I really had to laugh.

Turns out my “stereotypical terrorist looking” neighbour also fancied “Ice Age”.  A whole row of adults was watching Ice Age … well it was a good movie after all. If you care to see it but do not want to look foolish in front of others, just book an Air Canada flight. It is ok to watch it there, because all other movies you already saw, right?

Admit it, below-age experiences are fun. So act the way ou feel, not the way you look or is reflected by the year of birth listed in your passport. You will be much happier and most of all feel liberated.

Is darkness worth $200?

Edmonton greeted us with -25C and the wind chill factor made for a further deficit, bringing us to -30C. We had 45 minutes between planes, just enough to grab our bags and head towards the Calgary boarding gate. However, the plane was delayed by half hour. Air Canada overbooked. They needed to bump two passengers to the next flight. $200 flight vouchers were sufficient to bribe takers in mere minutes. Not us. We wanted to get to our hotel before dark, so we forwent the $200.

Edmonton-Calgary was a short trip, so this time Air Canada put us on a small plane with something like 30 or 40 passengers on board. No heated “sleeve”, instead we had to walk outside … yes outside at minus 30C, boarding a plane in the freezing cold. Andi does not “care” for the cold and “ensured” that he was the first to get on the plane.

Hello? Where is our luggage?

We landed in Calgary somewhere around 2 pm local time. The Calgary airport is much smaller than Toronto’s so it was only a short brisk walk to the baggage claim area.  A 15-minute wait and carousel number 3 started to make it’s rounds presenting the luggage form the Edmonton flight.

Shortly after we heard our names called in an announcement. A polite gentleman at the baggage counter told us that our baggage did not make it on this trip due to insufficient cargo space. “It “most likely” will arrive on the next flight from Edmonton… “most likely”.

Sorry, your consolation gift is highly embarrasing

The next flight from Edmonton was about an hour later, so we decided to stick around to make sure we would get our luggage. Getting the luggage was a must. Without it we could not go on our mushing trip the next day.

The polite gentleman at the counter offered us a consolation package: two packages with extra-large white cotton T-shirts, perfectly sized to fit both of us together in each, he he he, as well as travel-sized toiletries which included aluminum-based antiperspirant, fluoridated toothpaste, a foldable hair brush made in China, and a carcinogenic paraben shampoo. Useful gift Air Canada! Surely beat the $200 flight voucher … if only we had known.

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The modified “Tiffin” double decker proved invaluable on this journey. Later you will know why.
Coconut Ginger Bread anyone?
No kidding a Hippopotamus at Calgary airport
The advantage of long limbs … “self-shots”. We were supposed to be in front of Calgary penguins, but Andi did not aim properly.
Hmmm … like a dog and his bone … apparently NOBODY would get any of the “Pemmican”.
Nothing like an airport Espresso to celebrate the beginning of a journey
Who knew Jurassic Park was in Western Canada.
Yes everyone … the bags were on the next flight.



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