Seven Day Health Quest – Part 6

Day 2 Wednesday, 26th December 2012

Continental breakfast? Are you kidding me? No one is going to persuade us to eat sugar at eight am to get hyperactive at nine am and a crash by ten am. We were planning to run with mushing dogs this morning, so no GMO toast and artificially sweetened jam will do.

We are determined to have farm-fresh bacon and eggs, but “which restaurant serves that?” Hmmm… none actually. That’s why we came prepared and made this luxurious breakfast ourselves.

Don’t settle for less. Make your own luxury

Andi set up our portable German import hot plates. These cute stoves came together with stainless steel pots that were just the right size for a meal on the go. Our queen-size bed did not offer a stable surface for cooking so we decided that the bathroom counter would be a better choice. After all, the bathroom has running water and a get-rid-of-the-smell exhaust fan, so people would not gather at our door in expectation of upgraded breakfast service.

I like my espresso in the morning. It wakes me up and puts a smile on my face, but I did not feel like running around the hotel lobby in my nighty in search of cheap hotel coffee. Andi took care of that as well: a one-cup stainless-steel stove top espresso maker also made use of the hotplates on the bathroom counter.

No man likes a bitchy woman

Andi turned out to be a great chef, making delicious meals out of our military-like rations. Unsatisfied woman bitching during vacation is no man’s desire, so he made sure my expectations were totally met. He was so proud of his organizational and culinary achievements that he even volunteered to wash the dishes in hotel shampoo. Oops, we forgot to bring dish washing detergent.

Waiting on Howling Dog Tours

9:20 am; somebody from Howling Dog Tours was supposed to pick us up from the hotel. It was minus 20 something outside and we were scheduled for two-hour dog sledding somewhere in the mountainous woods of Canmore. We did not know what to expect except the bitter cold so we ended up dressing up ourselves in several layers of clothing which included doubling dry-fit socks with woolen socks. We topped it all with our recently purchased snowmobile suits.

Are there any slim people left?

Buying snowmobile outfits was a real project. I got mine in Alliston, Ontario at a farmer’s supply store. All adult sizes were too large, so I settled for teenage size 16. I have learned that trick long time ago. I often buy teenage sizes. Current adult sizes are geared for the current pitiful health standards, which mean they target the statistical average, which means overweight. Healthy and slim women will have harder time finding an abundance of fashionable apparel. Try to walk in to a clothing store and asking for size 3 or 4 pants. Good luck!

Andi learned that trick from me. He now purchases athletic clothing in youth large. Some 25 years ago he was size M. Then somehow he started to fit into size S, although his proportions or weight have not changed a bit. It seems that declining athleticism and prevailing bellycism took over clothing sizes. What in the past used to be medium is now small and what was large is now medium. As the average population got larger, the clothing industry may have been running out size denominations … after all how many x’s can you put on a label? Never mind the emotional consequences! To get a size S snowmobile suit for Andi, we had to drive to an Army surplus store in London, Ontario, some 200 km away from our home.

… to be continued

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No morning could be started without freshly brewed cup of espresso
Bacon on the one hot plate and over easy eggs in the other equals a delicious energy sustaining meal to start the day
Every great chef knows that the perfect meal ends with dishes
Dressed and ready for any adventure at -20C … bring it on
Not to forget the heart rate monitor to gauge the level of activity while dog sledding

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