Uthing ProPortions Shopping Therapy

How healthy are you? How balanced are your hormones? Curious if your doctor missed thing? No need to go to a clinic. Just order your testing kit on-line

4-Point Cortisol Test

How are you managing your stress? How are your adrenals?

4-point saliva cortisol test can help with these questions. Know your cortisol output because both excess and deficiency of cortisol has health consequences.



Female/Male saliva hormone test

Use this kit to test for 6 hormones: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHES, and cortisol at two different times. Why? Because hormones run your body. Too high or too low of any of those hormones and you can end up with symptomatic nightmare.


Restlessness, fatigue, brain fog? Can it be menopause? Don’t guess, check


Something weird happening with the body? Can’t get rid of excess weight? Feeling too cold? Maybe your thyroid is low.  


What’s your cholesterol like today? Now you don’t have to make appointments at a clinic or a lab, because you can check your lipids, including total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and even triglycerides at home. Accurate numbers, immediate results, convenient setting, and you can repeat it as frequently as you want, even weekly.

HbA1C Test

This Hemoglobin A1C test provides easy monitoring of blood sugar at home. It requires a small blood sample and the results are ready within five minutes. This is a must test while changing the diet or making alterations to drug regimen.

hsCRP Test for Inflammation

High sensitivity CRP is a standard inflammatory marker which is a must for anyone wishing to lose weight, reduce cardiovascular risk, and improve metabolism.