simple diet for hypoglycemia symptoms

Simple diet for hypoglycemia symptoms

Is there a special diet for those annoying hypoglycemia symptoms? Yes, there is, not even one but two.

The specifics of the diet depend on whether the hypoglycemia symptoms are acute or chronic. These two diets are very different. In fact they are so different that they look as if they contradict each other.

Acute hypoglycemia diet

Before treating yourself for low blood sugar you need to know a thing or two about it. Acute hypoglycemia symptoms may be mild and transient or severe and dangerous. Acute in medical language does not mean “bad”. It means “occurring suddenly”.

You need to be able to distinguish the severity of the symptoms before treating them with food. This post will help you with it: how to distinguish between hypoglycemia symptoms

If your symptoms belong to severe and dangerous category you have no time to make mistakes. You need to reach for the most sugary items you can find. What are those?

However, if you experiencing mild and transient hypoglycemia symptoms stuffing yourself with sugar will only make things worse.

Download the chart below to have a clearer understanding of low blood sugar symptoms. Stick the chart on the fridge door for easy reference. This way you will know when sugar loading is appropriate and when it is not.


Long-term hypoglycemia diet

A diet for recurrent hypoglycemia symptoms is very different. In comparison to the acute version, the menu contains very little sugar. Here is what I mean:

Hypoglycemia diet for recurrent symptoms does NOT focus on raising blood sugar, but on stabilizing it. In other words, proper diet for low blood sugar prevents glucose from going down. Only if this approach fails you will have to resort to acute hypoglycemia diet techniques.

Please be aware that acute hypoglycemia diet techniques usually lead to weight gain. Stabilizing blood sugar with long-term hypoglycemia diet, on the other hand leads to weight loss.

Health-conscious individuals frequently make dietary mistakes that lead to blood sugar dysregulation and unsuspected hypoglycemia symptoms. Prepare yourself for a surprise. Did you know that…

Juicing aggravate hypoglycemia symptoms

69 Pleasures kindle coverRecently juicing became a very popular way of improving health. Unfortunately, most juicing fans do not understand much about juicing and instead improving their health they end up with erratic blood sugar. Learn healthy juicing rules and prevent low blood sugar.

Parents! Please be aware that giving packaged fruit juices to kids is not a health promoting practice. Skip the juice part and give a fruit instead. Commercial fruit juices are devoid of nutrients and loaded with unacceptable amount of natural (just as bad) sugars. Frequent dosing of such fruity drinks masquerading themselves as healthy beverages will only make your munchkins put on weight and have them fuss at the dinner table.

Hypoglycemia diet tips

You do not have to drop your juices and smoothies entirely, however you need to know how to combine the ingredients. Download the smoothie fridge chart below. It contains recipes for preventing symptoms of hypoglycemia. Use them as a part of your long-term hypoglycemia diet. They are great as a breakfast health shortcut or a quick evening snack.


Not happy with just one change to your diet? Ambitious enough to make more improvements? Then follow the link below and get more details on stabilizing hypoglycemia diet that not only works on blood sugar but also boosts energy and strengthens adrenals.

If you are a chronic hypoglycemia symptom sufferer you will be relieved to know that hypoglycemia is not some kind of “bad luck” or a combination of “misaligned genes”. Low blood sugar always has underlying causes. Learn more about low blood sugar so you don’t have to get stuck with hypoglycemia diet just to deal with never-ending hypoglycemia symptoms.

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