Snowshoeing Adventure

If you think winter is about shivering in cold or sobbing in darkness, you are wrong!

Winter can be fun even if you do not know how to ski or skate. For starters, think snowshoeing.

Intro to Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is one of the least demanding winter physical activities and does not require any special skills.

Snowshoes come in different sizes and models, so make sure to do some research before buying or renting. We bought our snowshoes over the internet and they turned out to be just what we needed.

We still do it in -18C

Our January Snowshoeing Adventure started with a solid breakfast, cooked on a camping stove in our hotel room. Organic eggs and a hot espresso filled our bellies and warmed us sufficiently for an active outdoor adventure.

A quick look at the map and we confirmed that Scenic Caves were not far away from our cozy room, just a few minutes’ drive. The car started with an engine squeak, which already announced that our fun would take place in bitter cold and a look on the dash confirmed -18C, we did however look forward to our adventure.

Scenic Caves snowshoeing trails

Scenic Caves offered several snowshoeing trails to choose from: short, long, easy or difficult. We decided to follow the blue trail first.

It was of moderate difficulty, something we were aiming for. However, not too long into the trail there was a steep climb uphill, which turned out to be a real challenge. Heavy clothing, high steps, and steep slope brought the thighs to a burn in just a few minutes. That was unexpected, but nature is full of surprises. We accepted the challenge.

From the blue trail we went on to the orange, then black, and then the yellow trail. We had a good time, so we kept on going. We made close to five kilometers in two hours.

Snowshoeing a health prescription

Do not be fooled by the slow speed, it was not a casual walk. Snowshoeing in deep snow requires some stamina, especially at deep freeze temperatures. We made Snowshoeing Adventure a part of our health prescription, because …

  • you burn 500 cal/hr, so 2 hours makes you 1,000 cal lighter – not bad!
  • you challenge your cardiovascular system, and you may just realize how far you are from being fit –  good for motivation if you need to drop those extra pounds.
  • you pump your lymph, sweat a little bit and get a great detoxification without pills, colonics, or other not so natural methods.
  • you inhale fresh and richly oxygenated-air leaving behind health-draining city smog.
  • you forget about all the stress at work and home –  your adrenals will thank you for it.
  • you tone your leg muscles without putting strain on joints as heavy snow cushions every one of your steps.

If you are truly into health look beyond diet and pills. Nature offers tons of possibilities. Most outdoor adventures are not only free but can be a source of great fun… definitely more fun than going on detox diets or popping pills for weight loss.

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