What happened last week: grip, drawers, heart attack, and the butt

Breakfast in bed… no , in the van. The traditional 5-egg breakfast with 3 bacon slices. Still waiting for that heart attack.


Visited the kids. Finally we got to use a normal stove. But we still used our espresso makers.. we just love them!
This is a milestone. For the first time my post went viral. Within two days there were at least 150 shares and 600 likes. What a feeling!


Working on the butt. Weight loss is not about looking thin, but about getting the most desirable shape. Slim is out. Fit is in.


Life Father, Like Son; This is what happens when a 12-year old chubby boy grows up fit-inspired by his father. Now his dream is to win… let’s see.

Mr. Perfectionist doubting self. Just finished constructing two huge drawers, but somehow still not 100% not happy.

Have a few minutes? Get yourself checked!