Squash is better than Sex

Some time in winter 2009 we noticed our abs & hip bulges started to show up. November was cold with usual wind and rain, which curbed our appetite for outdoor adventure.

Then December came and with it usual Christmas overeating. It did not take long for us to consider covering up every mirror in the house. Inactivity plus extra dietary goodies definitely added some pounds. No wonder 1st of January is a time for revelation and promises for many. We took the challenge.

Squash for the first time

After a few days of pondering what to do in the middle of winter we figured it out: Squash. We never played squash, did not have one idea about the rules or equipment, but quickly we learned it all. Here are some surprises we have encountered:

  • You do not need to know how to play squash to play squash. It is fun regardless of your level of skill
  • You need to be fit, otherwise you will be out of breath in a minute or so.
  • Expect to sweat, so use Dry Fit and have extra clothing for change. Winter wind is not kind. It can get you sick quickly if you have wet clothing on you on your way back home.
  • You do not have to yell to your partner, like it is in tennis. Your opponent is right next to you. Perfect scenario if you already have a sore throat.
  • A ball is troublesome at the beginning. It does not want to bounce when cold. You need to give it several good whacks for it to get going. So, do not get discouraged at first. The ball needs to warm up just like you.
  • Our courts were in secluded spots. Perfect for first clumsy moves. That’s why we continued going. Check how we improved in our 2nd SQUASH VIDEO

WHERE: GoodLife Fitness courts http://www.goodlifefitness.com/

Ideal for Uthing Score B

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