Here is your prescription for..

Feeling your best, looking your best, and boasting a youthfully functional and beautifully proportional body: LiveUthing with us!

What's Uthing

We teach how to get an “A” in health, hands-on. Come to the Uthorium and join us on a Uthing Adventure.


Your body’s beauty and functionality is a reflection of your emotional and biochemical health.

It’s a reflection of your priorities and self-care skills.

Health is a skill, not a pill,

and has nothing to do with your doctor’s nod of approval.

Health care is self-care. Roll up your sleeves and go for it, because health… 

            • Health => beauty
            • Health => productivity
            • Health => independence

So, if you are:

overweight, fatigued, flabb-ish, sedentary, or looking to health-upgrade your lifestyle

Or want to get rid of:

stubborn weight, cardiovascular risk, T2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance

You need to book your Adventure with us!

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