Starting our minimalist lifestyle journey

Well then… we gone done it.

Yesterday marks the first day of a new direction we have decided to take, a change that is both thrilling and unnerving… or in one word exciting. Despite scoring advanced age and having been spoiled by large city conveniences we decided to take a plunge into a nomadic minimalist lifestyle. The reasons were many and we will explained them later in one of our LiveUthing posts.

Our first step on minimalist lifestyle journey

Anyhow, it was the first day of much preparation, much work and at least some ingenuity. It was the day we took possession of our “new” old Stepvan, to be converted by yours truly into a kick “backside” travel van.

I hesitate to call it minimalist travel as that means different things to different people and one could argue the use and size of a vehicle. However we are striving for rugged durability, function and efficiency, as well as self contained basic comforts, to park and briefly live anywhere… but not posh, big screen, push button luxury on a patch of concrete next to a pole with 50 amps of electricity, water pipe, and sewage hook up.

Why a Stepvan?

Well, simply because they are in a class of vehicles that are designed for long life use under demanding conditions of everyday commercial use. They are multipurpose functional, basic, accessibly roomy and of course durable. What is easier to work with then a rectangular box with flat surfaces?

By comparison the average class A motorhome, which is most comparable and may even share the chassis, is more fancy and luxurious then any of the before mentioned desired qualities. Why this particular vehicle? Simply, because it was available, it fit our criteria for make of diesel drive train, overall size and budget. Thanks for making this possible Deutsche Post DHL Express, we shall look forward to couriering our self all over the place soon.

More… much more to come, please stay tuned to how our minimalist lifestyle unfolds… and why a doctor let’s go of her clinic.

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