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Little known cause of chronic constipation

What causes chronic constipation? If you continue to have a problem going to the bathroom you most likely cannot answer this question.

Pooping and why chronic constipation is bad

Constipation have many causes from lack of fibre, to lack of nutrients, to abuse of laxatives. Chronic constipation is a big problem, but not because its effects feel unpleasant.

Bloating, pain, and abdominal discomfort are just a minor price to pay for not being able to go to the bathroom. A much bigger problem starts to surface when we look why we poop.

Poop is the most significant route of waste removal. Bacteria, bacterial by-products, undigested foods, putrified proteins all have to be removed through the colon. If this waste is not removed daily the health consequences are huge.

Chronic fatigue? Check your bathroom habits

Some people feel the effect of constipation right away. Lower energy, headaches, or overall malaise is typical for people with constipation. If constipation becomes prolonged, chronic toxicity can develop and with that many symptoms and health problems.

Allergies, arthritis, chronic fatigue, poor memory, leg swelling, muscle soreness, or asthma can be linked to constipation and poor colon detoxification. Chronic constipation frequently leads to development of Candida.

Nobody wants to have constipation. It is bad for health, yet many of us are constipated despite using extra fibre, colon detoxification kits, and probiotics (good colon bacteria).

Stress, a hidden culprit behind chronic constipation

Despite the efforts we are still constipated and there is a reason behind it. The most ignored cause of chronic constipation is stress. When we get stressed several constipation-promoting events happen.

  1. Digestion shuts down. Neither stomach nor pancreas are breaking down foods which forces undigested chunks to pass down to intestines. Undigested food is more difficult to pass. A chunk of carrot will block the colon easier than a carrot paste.
  2. Digestive enzymes are not produced. Digestive enzymes break down food and allow for nutrient absorption. Nutrients are necessary ingredients for any healthy tissue. Poor absorption will lead to poorly nourished, and poorly performing colon. If you want to waste your lunch money, eat under stress.
  3. Blood flow to colon diminishes. Blood brings moisture, oxygen, and nutrients. Without moisture stools are harder. Without oxygen the colon cannot make energy for good performance.
  4. Colon propelling movement decreases. Rhythmic  colon movement called peristalsis is what propellers waste towards the exit. No peristalsis means no movement, which means no waste removal. Under-performing sluggish colon and is the number one cause for body toxicity.

Unfortunately most people, although under chronic stress, seldom recognize that they are in such state. Through biofeedback relaxation response on many patients I have observed that even people who feel fully relaxed seldom come close to 75% of complete relaxation.

Ease yourself

Many people are so accustomed to higher demands of life and chaotic unpredictable events that they seldom understand what complete relaxation means. The problem is that the body is less forgiving and stress will always cause changes in its physiology. Our challenge is to recognize and remove stress.

If you want to have your constipation under control and current measures are not working you may have to look at your stress level and tame this often unrecognized monster first. Long-term use of laxatives, natural or not, is not healthy. Laxatives are bad correctors. To tackle your stress visit Our STORE or give a good bacteria a try.


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