Stress increases cholesterol

Stress increases cholesterol?

Yes, stress is bad for you. Stress messes up with many systems. Stress increases the heart rate, surges levels of stress hormones and at the same time lowers immune system.

Long-term stress contributes to

People under stress are more likely to have high blood pressure, experience more colds, have difficulty healing skin lesions, and suffer from inflammatory conditions, but there is even more… stress also changes blood cholesterol profile.

Cholesterol is important

Cholesterol is more important for the body than most people realize. Cholesterol decides on digestion and absorption, brain function, cardiovascular health, sexuality, thyroid health, skin beauty as well as rate of aging.

Cholesterol is not a just a fat blob, but a complex molecule. For example, HDL particle contains multiple proteins with anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative properties.

A careful look at blood cholesterol numbers can tell much more than just a cardiovascular risk, so if you have never seen your blood results it is time to ask your doctor for a copy. But don’t worry; you do not need to be an expert on cholesterol to understand your cholesterol numbers. All you need to know for now is that you want to have high HDL and low LDL cholesterol.

The higher the HDL

  • the higher cognitive abilities and is protective of Alzheimer’s disease
  • the higher the chances for reaching extreme longevity, even past
  • the lower frailty and better functional performance
  • the lower the coronary heart disease
  • the better liver function

The lower the LDL

  • the more skin tags
  • the less functional skin micro-circulation
  • the more cellular destruction through oxidation
  • the more severe skin diseases
  • the higher the risk for kidney disease

The list can go on and on and the moral of the story is that cholesterol profile is a very important indicator of current health, disease prognosis, body functionality, and longevity.

Stress changes cholesterol numbers

Stress by changing cholesterol profile can dramatically change body health. Stress is able to change blood cholesterol profile to less healthy by decreasing good HDL particle and increasing the bad one (LDL), exactly what you DO NOT want.

The Cholesterol TrapArtificial increase of HDL as well as decrease of LDL through prescription drugs or supplements does not have the same health significance. To read why your doctor does not have a clue about it, read my new book “The Cholesterol Trap!”

Interestingly blood cholesterol profile is also linked to personality profiles. A recent personality study has revealed that those who are conscientious have higher blood HDL cholesterol numbers. Personality attributes such as being organized, reliable, hard-working, punctual and ambitious are also linked to higher HDL. Higher HDL has also been related to agreeableness as well in those who were trusting, helpful, forgiving and altruistic….

Don’t be surprised that when your employer asks for your blood cholesterol levels he may be not only peeking at your cardiovascular profile, but your work style as well as your ability to manage stress.



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