Strida biking along Humber River

Health is a skill, not a pill. There are many roads that lead to Rome, or to health, I should say. For us biking is just another fun way of health-keeping.

I learnt how to bike just a few years ago in my late forties, but I never was a biking enthusiast until now. Something has changed. We upgraded from regular run-of-the-mill bikes to cool Stridas and this changed my biking experience from good to “I can’t wait!”

The old bikes were large and heavy. Strida is light and foldable, really foldable. It takes one move and less than 5 seconds.  It is also completely portable.  I am 5.3” and at 128lb I can lift it with one hand. I like that. Stairs are no longer an issue.

There are many more Strida features I am impressed with, but I will write about them a little bit later. For now enjoy the photos.

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