For now Uthorium is a great boondocking spot, but sit tight..

We are working towards UthoriumTM becoming the perfect embodiment of our UthingTM philosophy, a place where everyone can experience a fully health-centered lifestyle. We are not talking about some low-fat BS, voodoo chanting, or hunger pangs between salads. None of that!

UthoriumTM is to build health and beautiful robust physiques, not to fad-detoxify while promoting malnutrition. We focus on Five Health Ingredients, where good food and fun dominates, where movement is natural and sun is abundant.

The UthoriumTM scope is going to expand as we work on the facilities. Currently we are limited to work with travelers driving self-contained vans or RV that require no hookups. However, as early as next year we will be constructing eco-friendly tiny homes our guests can stay in for a day, a week, or a month.

If you think your health could improve, we are sure you will find our approach incredibly effective, out of the ordinary, and likely life-altering. We are sure you will be coming again and again.

Our services are going to expand from one-on-one consultations to group meetings and booth camps. Check back on our progress and changes to the programs periodically.