What is UthoriumTM?


Nested in a sunny mountain valley off the shore of the Sea of Cortez, UthoriumTM has been designated as our UthingTM headquarters. It is our meeting place, our “lecture hall”, our workshop and also our mandatory fun spot.

It’s the place where you are working on perfecting your health, while thinking you are on a lazy vacation. If you are healthy, but overweight, fatigued, flabby, sedentary, or plagued by minor symptoms, and want to get your life in order without drugs or surgeries, UthoriumTM is exactly for you. If you want a smart lifestyle approach to high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, pre-diabetes, IBS, or Candida, you will find UthoriumTM to be invaluable.

UthoriumTM is not a spa. It is an eco-friendly establishment that besides proving health guidance, also teaches respect for resources, self-reliance, and kindness to others. Don’t expect foot massages or exotic servants catering to your fancy needs. We ain’t that. UthoriumTM is to help you grown into a knowledgeable, independent, and self-reliant individual, so you can direct your own progress, check your own health milestones, and decide on your next step without relying on charlatans nagging you to get yet another”snake oil”to “manage” or “cure” your condition.

Join us for a day (or more) of fun, health-yakking, or sun bathing. Check upcoming events, or book your individual time.

We are located inside a gated community with 24-hour security on staff and access to a swimming pool.