This week’s gossip plentiful

This is a frozen screw inside the van. Yes, it was so cold that even screws inside the van (despite two heaters going) had frost on it. Hmm… Canadian vanlife, eh? This cold front made it feel like -25 C (-13 F) and that’s only November! Here is our breakdown video with tips.


We never know where we are going to sleep. This week we switched from Walmart parking lots and gas stations to a resort-like settings. What a  wild surprise! We didn’t think that Alberta has such awesome landscapes.


I call it boondocking with benefits. We got moose and elk meat from our gracious host in Alberta. We are looking forward to taking our taste buds on a of Northern adventure. We will report shortly on the experience.


Stopover #1 Elk Point, Alberta. Great hosting, wonderful conversations and food to dream of. It was so good, we even stayed overnight.


Stopover #2. This one happened in Edmonton, Alberta. Awesome meetup and .. holly patolli… we got another gift. What the heck! With friends like that we will never stop vanlifing!


Stopover #3. Regina, Saskatchewan. Another friend of mine happened to be on our way. This one I haven’t seen for 20 years. We studied naturopathy together in Toronto then she moved out West. Katherine, unlike myself, is still practicing as an ND.


This is also Saskatchewan. We drove a few good hours through this flat, uninteresting and windy landscape. To cut down on boredom, we resorted to…. learning Spanish. Hola, amigo!… that’s about it. Old brains aren’t sponges, lol.