These are products we currently either use, plan to use, or wouldn’t mind having.

Super-sharp scissors for hair

Travelling extensively requires self sufficiency, it requires skills. Part of those skills, must include grooming and that means I am now responsible for cutting DrD’s hair. After researching hair cutting scissors, I came across this gem. A Cobalt Molybdenum scissor, it reviews well and for good reason. It is a professional quality tool at a very reasonable price and it really does stay sharp haircut after haircut.

Electrical stove

We have tried a number of single burner cooking ranges, but as well as they do their job they don’t seem to last beyond 5 months of regular usage. We really liked the infrared type, as they heat up and cool down fast, but unfortunately don’t stand the test of time. The cast iron models take forever to heat up and cool down. The only remaining electric option for us was a coil type. It is the best compromise for quick heat up and cool down, as well as durability. Induction cooktops are not an option for us as they emit an electromagnetic field similar to microwaves. Studies have shown that microwaves alter and/or reduce nutritional composition of food, so for the time being we prefer to stick with traditional devices.

This little professional cooking range has saved our lives, it has made life possible through our home renovations and will find a permanent home in our travel van “LUVe”.

It is compact, yet powerful and works just as good as any burner on a full size stove.

Coiled burner means fast heat up and cools downs, it responds quickly to changes in temperature setting with a precise temperature control. Best of all the burner coil is easily replaceable.

We love our little travel stove for its ease of fitting into any carry-on luggage, but the compromise of small size and weight is added cooking time.

Tactical bag

These Tactical Sling Bags are incredible. Super sturdy and tons of room for gear, tools, water and food on any outing.

Roomy main drawstring-closed compartment provides generous and secure storage space for your gear. Front pocket for quick access; interior pocket for convenient, separated storage; concealed back pocket with zipper closure. Fully adjustable, padded, and ergonomic shoulder strap for comfortable carrying

Metal plates

A stainless steel plate is simple the most functional way to serve food, especially while travelling:

  • Versatile, lightweight, durable, strong and easy to clean
  • Nests with MSR’s two- and three-liter pots
  • Made of dent-resistant 18-10 stainless steel
  • Weighs just 4.4 ounces

Of course a plate is only as good as the pot and stove that cooks the food.

Stainless steel bottles

Water is life and nothing is more enjoyable then a tall glass of cool water, to quench that thirst.

Glass however is not a safe storage medium for travel, it breaks rather easily. Furthermore glass bottles don’t work well for keeping contents cool.

These vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles offer the best compromise for hygiene and avoiding dangerous chemicals common in many plastics products. They are not just good looking, they are also extremely durable, while keeping contents hot or cold for hours.

Tiny electrical cooker

Want wholesome nutrition even while travelling? This little electric stove is simply incredible, it can cook just about everything. I have made a variety of simple egg and meat dishes, as well as steamed vegetables and potatoes. Please take a look at my review on the bottom of the product link.

This is a must have item for your luggage. Complement your culinary travel kit with our Steamer and Espresso Maker.

Manual coffee grinder

The only way to retain valuable antioxidants in coffee is by grinding the beans in a slow speed mill, just before brewing. Electric mills are available, but we prefer a manual and authentic Turkish Coffee Mill. These are hand made in Turkey and are of solid quality. We have been using our beautiful mill for 7 trouble free years now and at least twice daily.

For an equal quality coffee brewing device, check out our choice Espresso Maker.

Metal utensils

This is our preferred utensil kit for travel. Everything you need in a neatly safely put together package.

Solid, sturdy and clean Stainless Steel. Perfect with a set of stainless steel plates.

Candle lantern

Our choice, the classic, long-burning collapsible candle lantern. Provides reliable light and heat from candles rather than batteries. Safest and most efficient lantern available for emergencies or on the road

Sleeping pad

We have tried out a number of different sleeping pads, for that turn “off the beaten path”.

This particular model is our favourite, it offers the best compromise between comfort, portability, insulation value and durability. It features a robust foam core for warmth, comfort and self-inflating convenience.


We like the outdoors, we love nature and there is nothing like a trail hike.

But walking 10 km plus with overnight gear is another story altogether. One quickly realises that it is not just about luggage capacity, especially when of smaller statue. Form, fit and comfort are more important then weight and the Gregory not only adapts to size, but also gender. Make sure to check out hers.

Multi-purpose lids

Looking for a secure and multipurpose container? Gamma Seal Lid converts a standard plastic bucket, from 3.5 to 7 gallon size, into an airtight and leak proof storage container. A rim snaps securely onto the bucket opening and from there the spin on/off lid provides easy access to the contents.

We used these particular covers for our barrels we initially stored water in.

Battery bank for electronics

Our Anker quick charger has been a blessing on many trips. We opted for the 10000 mAh, which is enough for a tablet and smartphone plus or at least three charges on a smartphone. Not only does it charge our devices “rapido”, it also charges itself quickly and most importantly holds a full charge for many weeks in between use. There is good reason, besides their warranty, why this company reviews well. Highly recommended.

Espresso maker

This stove top espresso maker isn’t just our cup of coffee at home, we also use it on the road. It works on gas and electric stove tops and makes a quality cup of coffee, with unbeatable simplicity.

To maximize flavor and antioxidant value, don’t forget our choice Turkish coffee mill.

Tiffin made into a steamer

The original name for these Stainless Steel containers is Tiffin, which is an Indian English word for a light midday meal (luncheon). Designed to carry along and heat up food. Each tier may hold a different food, such as rice, vegetables, meat etc. Each tier uniquely doubles as pot to heat up the food on any hot plate or gas stove.

I purchased two double tier sets, drilled small holes in the bottom of one pot in each set and use them as food steamers when travelling. Be sure to check out my review at the product link. They are the perfect compliment to my Travel Stove.

Wood burning travel stove

This wood burning stove and fire-pit is not only extremely efficient and environmentally friendly, but will also charge your mobile device.

It safely contains the fire for the cook-top and grill surface, as well as makes an excellent off-grid furnace.

Gas camping stove

There are many different Gas Camping Stoves available and this quality model is well reviewed for good reason. It does what it is supposed to do, but I particularly like the easy to maintain stainless steel construction. It is not just easy to clean, but also prevents rust build up.

Complete your culinary set with our Steamer and stove top Coffee Maker.


We use this little Yurt as a Screen Room and add-a-room for extra comfort.

It sets up super easy, and works really well in bad weather. Although there are some space limitations due to the shape, you will most appreciated the design during wind and blowing rain.

Tent cot

Enjoy camping, but not sleeping on a thin pad on the ground? Then the solution is Tent Cot, it combines a comfortable cot with integrated tent. The elevated sleeping platform keeps you high and dry and away from bugs and snakes.

Tent for two

This is the tent we purchased for our overnight hike through Algonquin Park a few years back. It is a lightweight tent, ideal for backpacking, but it has served us equally well on many subsequent camping trips.

If you are looking for a tat more comfort, take a look at the Tent Cot. It combines the comfort of a cot and the convenience of an integrated tent. Being elevated off the ground keeps the moisture and creepy crawlers away.

Sleeping bag liner

Layers are superior for climate control. It is easy to add a layer for extra warmth and just as easy to remove a layer when it gets too hot. Never mind it is much easier to launder a liner, than a thick sleeping bag.

In cooler weather we use a Microfleece sleeping bag liner, which also doubles as a warm blanket by itself.

A year later, we absolutely love those liners. We removed the zippers and started using them as light covers, occasionally throwing extra sleeping bag on them. Awesomely cozy.

Titanium mug

Made out of pure Grade A Titanium, with a capacity of 450 ml/14 fl oz.
Titanium is extremely light and durable, it leaves no metallic smell or taste and will not corrode. Multipurpose use for warming and/or cooking foods, enjoying a warm beverage or just boiling drinking water. Includes a mesh storage sack with draw string.
We also have the 700 and 600. All three conveniently nest into each other for minimal luggage space.

Light-weight towels

These are simply the best towels we have used on our travels. The XL size may also double as a blanket and since they are super absorbent, it improves comfort in case of perspiration, for whatever reason:

  • Light weight and compact makes packing more efficient by saving space and weight.
  • Super absorbent yet dries off quickly, ideal for backpacking, camping, beach, sports etc.
  • Gentle on the skin, very soft, not sticky or abrasive compared to many other microfiber towels.
  • Comes with a convenient carry bag.
  • Many colours available.