We don’t use supplements, because we believe that Health is a Skill, not a Pill however, we keep a few pills in case of “emergency”. Here is our “stash”.


I LOVE homeopathy! This is something I may use in case of a flu. Best used at the onset. If things go too far, I will use olive leaf instead.

Olive leaf

If you are to carry just one supplement that should be it. Olive leaf is incredibly helpful for any infection, whether bacterial, viral, or fungal. This gem is a must.

Echinacea & Goldenseal

If you don’t mind carrying liquid herbs around, here are the two winners. Use echinacea at the onset, goldenseal when things get further. They are not my favorites, but they are something that can help with most infections.

Vitamin C

We occasionally take vitamin C. This one contains rose hips, pure one will do as well.