Healthier, kinder… beautiful 

The world needs urgent beautification efforts. We need more kindness, respect, and health. We need less garbage, sickness, and deceit. This is exactly Uthing mission: to make our plante healthier, kinder… beautiful.

1. Health = Functionality

It’s easy to confuse good heath with being pain-free or not feeling sick. But good health is not that at all. Good health means a highly functional body that adapts to ever changing situations. 

2. Good Health is not a Coincidence

We must not perpetuate the myth that people with good health are genetically blessed or somehow lucky, because health belongs to those make it a priority.

And even though a small percentage of poor health can be blamed for accidents, medical mishaps, and special circumstances, these can’t be blamed for the epidemic of modern diseases. For the vast majority of us health is a self-made phenomenon. 

3. Health is a Continuum

Health changes over time and as time goes on, our bodies accumulate the effects of the lifestyle habits. No-one wakes up overnight with an extra 100 lb on the belly. Obesity takes time, which is not any different than heart disease, arthritis, dementia, and other… .



The good part is that the health continuum is bi-directional. You have the power to move to the right or move it to the left. Lifestyle is the key. 

4. Health comes just from Five Ingredients

Don’t fall for health fads! Good health does not follow fad diets, random pills, or complicated rituals. It only needs Five Uthing Ingredients

5. Self-Care is a Form of Utmost Respect

There is only one health care: self care. Effective self-care is a form of utmost respect towards self, towards the family, the state, and the environment. Let me explain.

Healthy individuals are kinder to others. Healthy individuals aren’t a burden to their families, their employers and fellow taxpayers. Not only they are highly productive, but they also don’t drain social services, or leave behind medical and pharmaceutical waste.

Healthy people are kinder to the environment. Poor health choices strongly affect the environment: agri-chemicals have disastrous effect on the ecosystem, factory food production leaves a huge energy footprint, overconsumption produces garbage, prescription medication and medical waste pollutes the environment. Ill-health and its management is very expensive for the environment. 

Prioritizing self-care is our our individual’s responsibility. Is it not OK to let oneself go. It is not fair to have others make up for self-negligence. Be your best and treat self-care as a duty towards others. 

So, get an “A” in health!