Healthier, kinder… beautiful 

Our earth needs urgent beautification efforts. We need more kindness, respect, and health. We need less garbage, sickness, and deceit. This is exactly Uthing mission: to make our earth healthier, kinder… beautiful.

1. Health = Functionality

Many people mistake good heath for being pain-free or not having a flu. But good health is not that at all. Good health is reflected in a highly functional body and the ability to adapt to variety of conditions. UthingTM  provides a framework to boast exactly that: Youthful Functionality

2. Good Health is not a Coincidence

Let’s not perpetuate the myth that people with good health are genetically blessed or somehow lucky.  My long clinical experience convinced me otherwise. Healthy people are healthy, not because they had healthy parents, but because they managed to fit (knowingly or unknowingly) Five UthingTM Ingredients into their lifestyle.

Yes, there are exceptions to this statement. Not everything is within our powers. Accidents happen, medical mistakes happen, and circumstances may put one in a life-hostile environment. Fortunately, these happen infrequently. They are exceptions, not the rules and for most of us health is largely made, not given.

3. Health is a Continuum

Should old age be equivalent to poor health and frailty? It shouldn’t, but this is our sad modern reality. Very few seniors can be considered health leaders and wise-men. Instead we have a population riddled with diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and dementia. How did that happen?

Health changes over time and old age reflects cumulative effects of lifestyle habits. No-one wakes up overnight with a surprising 100 lb of extra weight. Obesity takes time, but so does heart disease, arthritis, dementia, and other… you get the picture.

The good thing is that health is a slow moving continuum largely dependent on lifestyle. Every individual is capable of realizing what health state they are in and improving it before good health turns into poor health and poor health turns into disease.


There is no reason that everyone shouldn’t reach their maximum UthivityTM  Youthful Longevity. To help with this awesome goal we put together UthingTM Scores. These are sets of tests that reveal where one’s health sits on the continuum. Knowing own UthingTM Score can tell how much extra emphasis should be put on must-have Five UthingTM Ingredients.

4. Health comes just from Five Ingredients

Surprisingly healthy living is a subject of many controversies. Health myths abound and they affect even the most vigilant of us. You’ve heard some of them and maybe even tried them yourself: low fat diets for weight loss, low cholesterol menus for lowering cholesterol, going vegan for health, or taking antacids to improve stomach health. Don’t be a statistical average that keeps on falling for fads while its health gets worse over time.

Health does not have to be complicated. There are only Five UthingTMIngredients you have to focus on and the rest will fall into place.

5. Self-Care is a Form of Utmost Respect

For us self-care and the resulting health is a form of a great respect not only towards self, but also the family, the state, and the environment. Let me explain.

Healthy individuals are kinder to others. Healthy individuals aren`t burdensome to their families, their employers and fellow taxpayers. They are highly productive and do not require special treatment. They are also the ones that use social services the least, produce less garbage and generally support use of healthier products.

Healthy people are kinder to the environment. People who are unwell due to their lifestyle, make poor choices for self and their families. They go to doctors and hospitals more frequently and they are more likely to end up in accidents or welfare. They buy unhealthy products and contribute more to garbage problem and devastation of the environment. Consider that oceans are already full of plastic remnants form junk packaging and waterways are contaminated with prescription drug residues.

Because of such an immense impact of an individual health on the state economics, environment, and welfare of others, health should not be viewed as a choice, but as an individual’s responsibility. Is it just not fair to let oneself go, and force others to carry the burden on their shoulders. If you can do something to improve your health, you definitely should.

We are on a mission, are you?

We are on a mission for cleaner water, unspoiled vacations spots, abundant wildlife, responsible & humane farming, self-sustainable cities, social harmony, happy families, less crime, less pollution, more peace and less greed. But we know, we can’t do it ourselves. We need you to take an active part in this earth beautification project. It starts with your daily decisions about yourself.

Be a model, be a change. Make things kinder, healthier… beautiful

So, do you Live Uthing?