Your ultimate lifestyle formula for getting an A in health

….a self-discovery and self-mastery blueprints that use powerful self-care techniques to bring about a youthfully functional and beautifully proportional body.

All that while reducing stubborn weight, chronic inflammation, and insulin resistance.

Uthing ProPortions Blueprints at a glance


Uthing ProPortions segments

Which segment is for you?

Segment 1; D => C

This is a starting point for health novices or people with health problems. Start here if you are quite overweight, have T2, high blood pressure or are on prescription medications. Get segment 1

Segment 2; C => B

This is a starting point for people with average health. Start here if you are moderately overweight, have cholesterol problems, or insulin resistance. Get segment 2

Segment 3; B => A

This is a starting point for people who are versed in health and want to experience some fine-tuning.  Start here if you are relatively healthy, except for some nagging issue you can’t get control over. Get segment 3

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From D to C to B to A…

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