Your ultimate lifestyle formula for getting an A in health

  • Stuck with ill-health?
  • Tired of gimmicks?
  • Fed up of pills?

Meet your Uthing Team

….a self-discovery and self-mastery blueprints that use powerful self-care techniques to bring about a youthfully functional and beautifully proportional body.

All that while reducing stubborn weight, chronic inflammation, and insulin resistance.

Uthing Blueprints at a glance

Uthing ProPortions Overview 1

Uthing ProPortion Blueprints Outline

Segment D to C: restoring nutrient reserves

  • MicroModule D1Motivation – get your mindset ready!
  • MicroModule D2 – What’s health – benchmark your ABC starting point, and measure your progress
  • MicroModule D3 – Genes+ – learn how to work with your genetic limitations, and blessings
  • MicroModule D4 – Cravings – deal with food cravings the right way
  • MicroModule D5 – Edibles – detect junk foods with ease, so you won’t mix them up with health foods
  • MicroModule D6 – Weight loss – get solid understanding what healthy weight loss is, so you don’t fall for scams
  • MicroModule D7 – Macros – start with simple menu guidelines, so you can build your nutritional reserves without overthinking
  • MicroModule D8 – 69 Pleasures – learn details of meal plan preparation, so you can eat like a king, without financial or time strain

Segment C to B: initiating deep detox

  • Drop stubborn weight and de-calcify
  • Recognize signs of healing

Segment B to A: final remodeling

  • Nourish for the ultimate remodeling
  • Bio-hack physiology and longevity

What’s in a micromodule? 

Each module consists of a series of short videos , homework, shopping therapy, additional reading and a quiz. On the average each micro-module takes about one week to complete.

Modules follow a specific order. Always start with MicroModule D1. Each module is sold separately.