Your ultimate lifestyle formula for reversing secondary aging

  • Stuck with ill-health?
  • Tired of gimmicks?
  • Fed up of pills?

Here is something different: Uthing ProPortions….

….a self-discovery and self-mastery blueprint that uses powerful self-care techniques to bring about a youthfully functional and beautifully proportional body.

All that while reducing stubborn weight, chronic inflammation, and insulin resistance.

Nourish, detoxify, remodel, de-calcify and bio hack for extraordinary results.

Age backwards, gain vitality, and get the allure factor back for good. Follow Uthing ProPortions blueprint and feel 30 again.

Uthing ProPortion Blueprint Outline

Segment D to C: restoring nutrient reserves

  • Module 1 –fostering real food attitude
  • Module 2 – decoding the language of signs and symptoms

Segment C to B: initiating deep detox

  • Module 3 – dropping stubborn weight and de-calcifying
  • Module 4 – recognizing signs of healing

Segment B to A: final remodeling

  • Module 5 – nourishing for the ultimate remodeling
  • Module 6 – bio-hacking physiology and longevity tips

What’s in a module? 

Each module consists of a series of 15-30 min long step by step Uthing videos , PDF video summary, quiz, homework, shopping therapy, and additional reading. On the average each module takes about one month to complete.

Modules follow a specific order. Always start with Module 1. Each module is sold separately.