Since you got your UthingTM Symptomatics scores for hormones, heart, immunity, skin, digestion, lymph, and muscle category you likely want to know what they mean. Here is how we classify them under the UthingTM umbrella.

A – Awesome!

Congratulations! This system seems to be serving you very well. It is your strongest area that will be the last to fail. You likely need to do very little, except continuing good lifestyle habits, to keep it in good shape. Shift your focus to weaker systems in order to upgrade your health status.

B – Beautiful!

This is not a bad score. The system seems to be working well. It needs just a little bit of fine-tuning. If B is your worst score you got in this questionnaire than your whole body is in a really good shape. Keep it up. Otherwise focus your attention on the systems that did not score so well. These are the ones that have higher risk of failure.

C – Come on! You can do better

It looks like the system is in ill-health mode. Consider lifestyle changes. Taking inventory of Five Uthing Ingredients is a great start. If you more guidance you will do just fine with our Uthing Programs. They are designed to reverse ill-health and maximize health potential. Just remember, ill-health is not a disease and it can easily be reversed with lifestyle changes.

D – Time to put in some serious work

This system is weak and needs your help. If you got stuck with lotions, potions, pills, and others to support it, it is time to look in a different direction. Maybe it is time for a lifestyle upgrade. Weak systems are very vulnerable and will be first to give symptoms when any one of Five Uthing Ingredients are missing. Check if you can add one or two to your daily routine. Otherwise see what our programs can do for you.

E – Oops!

This system needs priority treatment and it needs help of a “out-of-the-box” physician, who can address the root causes, not just manage symptoms or lab numbers. If you have been battling with the same problems for years, and feel stuck, it’s time to look for solutions outside your comfort zone. Hook up with a functional medicine doctor and put emphasis on lifestyle changes.

Want to improve your scores?

Improving health scores has never been easier. Join one of our Uthing programs and see magic happening. Uthing programs are perfectly matched for people who suffer from problematic health issues, but aren’t on a significant number of prescription medication: weight gain, muscle and joint aches, T2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Please join us and see how you feel in 60 days.

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