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Do you have: anxieties/obsessions/cravings/or addictions?
Do you have: fatigue/burnout/lack of stamina/weakness?
Do you suffer from irritability/moodiness/weepiness/PMS?
Do you suffer from: lack of motivation/lack of concentration?
Do you: have problem sleeping, nap during the day or have daytime sleepiness?
Do you use non-drug methods to deal with your hormonal/nervous system problems e.g. calming teas, hormone boosting supplements, energy drinks, sleeping pills, etc?
Have you received a diagnosis of diabetes/depression/hypothyroid/Parkinson's/MS/or other major disease?
Do you have poor stamina/easy fatigue/exhaustion/difficulty exercising?
Do you have palpitations/fluttering heart/fast heart rate?
Have you been told hat you have high cholesterol or thick blood?
Are you suffering from low blood pressure/dizziness/spaciness/buzzing in ears/ or lightheadedness on getting up?
Do you suffer from cold extremities/paleness/sensitivity to cold/sensitivity to heat?
Do you use non-drug methods to deal with your heart problems e.g. blood pressure teas, artery supporting supplements , diuretics, herbs for circulation, etc?
Have you received a diagnosis of hypertension/atherosclerosis/arrhythmia/angina/aneurism/or other serious heart disease?
Do you have allergies/environmental sensitivities or sneezing bouts?
Do you have nose congestion/sinusitis/runny nose/nosebleeds?
Do you have recurrent infections/recurrent bronchitis or tendency to "catch" pneumonia?
Do you have recurrent throat infections/tonsillitis/swollen nodes/sore throat?
Do you experience shortness of breath/fatigue or feel better with open windows/fresh air/air breeze?
Do you use non-drug methods to deal with your lung/immune system problems e.g. sore throat teas, immuno-boosting supplements, syrups, herbs for cough, etc?
Have you received diagnosis of asthma/COPD/tuberculosis/lung fibrosis/or lung effusion (water in lungs)?
Do you have eczema/psoriasis or other chronic skin patches?
Do you have itch/hives/acne/sensitivity/fungal infection of skin/rosacea/excessive sweating/dry skin/skin cracking/or dandruff?
Do you have eye strain/floaters/nearsightedness/sensitivity to light?
Do you have ringing in ears/chronic excess wax or recurrent ear infections?
Do you have brittle/distorted nails/fungus/thinning hair/prematurely graying hair?
Do you use non-drug methods to deal with your skin/hair/ear/eye problems e.g. acne teas, eye drops, skin supplements, moisturizing creams, herbs for hair growth, etc?
Have you been diagnosed with vitilago/Lupus/glaucoma/cataract/macular degeneration/hearing loss/shingles/or alopecia?
Are you overweight or underweight?
Do you experience bloating/heartburn/reflux/indigestion/food sensitivities/stomach discomfort or pain/nausea?
Do you have undigested food in stool/mucus/ hemorrhoids/constipation/diarrhea/irregular bowel movement/or anal fissure?
Do you have bleeding gums/sensitive teeth/coated tongue/cold sores/hiccups/difficulty swallowing/ or bad breath?
Do you have root canals or missing teeth?
Do you use non-drug methods to deal with your stomach/bowel problems e.g. haemorrhoidal creams, antacids, laxatives, colon cleansers, slimming supplements, etc?
Have you been diagnosed with IBD/ulcers/hernia/pancreatitis/hepatitis/cirrhosis/or periodontal disease?
Have you been told that you have fibroids/PCOD/ovarian cysts/prostate enlargement?
Do you experience frequent urination/urination at night/bladder infections/or incontinence?
Do you have irregular menstruation/heavy menstruation?
Do you experience loss of sex drive/erectile dysfunction/painful intercourse?
Do you have swollen ankles/varicose veins/spider veins on legs?
Do you use non-drug methods to deal with your genito-urinary system problems e.g. diuretic teas, water pills, erectile helpers, compression stockings, incontinence pads , etc?
Have you been diagnosed with kidney disease/prostate disease/blood or lymph disease?
Do you experience headaches/migraines?
Do you have stiffness/loss of flexibility/or muscle weakness?
Do you have chronic pain in back/shoulder/hip/knee/neck, etc?
Do your legs/arms fall asleep/or feel numb/tingling/or heavy?
Do you suffer from joint cracking/easy dislocation/muscle cramps?
Do you use non-drug methods to deal with your joint/muscles problems e.g. over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, painkillers, physiotherapy, special shoes, etc?
Have you been diagnosed with arthritis/nerve damage/gout/osteoporosis/herniated disk?

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