Uthing Adventures

Health is a Skill, not a Pill



Tucked on the highlands of central Mexico the UthoriumTM has been designated as our UthingTM headquarters.

It is our meeting place, our “lecture hall”, our workshop and also our mandatory fun spot. It’s our off-grid ranch, a “school” where we practice super-healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s the place where you will be perfecting your health, while thinking you are on a crazy-lazy vacation. We call those Uthing Adventures.

Uthing Adventures are a healthy lifestyle paradise for the:

  • overweight,
  • fatigued,
  • flabb-ish,
  • sedentary,
  • and those who need to health-upgrade their lifestyle

Come and reverse

  • stubborn weight,
  • cardiovascular risk,
  • T2 diabetes,
  • pre-diabetes,
  • insulin resistance

What would you be doing there?

Uthing Adventures is an intensive program geared towards a rapid reversal of insulin resistance related issues: from weight problems to heart health. It is a 2-week program that includes individualized care: health assessment, in-depth lab work interpretation, mobility check and personalized fitness program as well as daily “classes” on how to get an “A” in health, nutrition, cooking, food growing, canning and/or herbal tincture and/or herbal “spices” preparation. This plus a couple of local outings, a couple of lunches with locals, maybe a massage or two, and plenty of space for relaxation. Yes, you are heading to a health paradise.  

During these two weeks you will be accelerating your body awareness and find out super-shortcuts to get back to health

You will eat nutrient-dense food, get plenty of fresh air, get awed by natural landscape, and participate in a variety of physical activities. Besides having a fitness routine designed especially for you, you will be engaging in some light ranching with us: picking up eggs, attending to plants, throwing balls for Chaos and Loki, riding a tractor, counting sheep, checking soil health, and dusting our huge solar panels. In short, you will be playing rancher while reversing your insulin resistance

Don’t pack any suits or high heels. Our UthoriumTM is a working ranch. We don’t aim to be fancy. We aim to be healthy, productive, and kind. So, pack stuff that can get wet, down and dirty. Yeah, you are going to have fun!


The Uthorium team


DrD will be your primary health guide. She is a highly experienced naturopathic physician and accomplished author. You can visit her YouTube channel LiveUthing here. Bring your blood work to the Uthorium. It will be expertly evaluated and the program will be adjusted to your body’s needs. If you don’t have it, you can do it right after coming here. 


Andi a massage therapist, fitness trainer, and tireless inventor; He will assess your mobility, and set up an effective fitness program. He can also guide you through the details of homesteading and off-grid living, if that’s your interest.


Dhar, our youngest addition, a talented chef with a passion for fitness and real-food nutrition. He will show you how to work the kitchen so your meals are going to be simple, nutritious, and bursting with flavor. He will also help you with fitness motivation.

What’s included:

You are coming for 2-week intense program. Most of your time over here will be taken up by scheduled activities. You won’t be bored. But, come with a friend. It will be even more fun, and definitely cheaper.

Accommodation on our ranch:

a) You will stay in a downstairs room in our house. The guest rooms have huge windows with incredible views. One full size bathroom is shared between two rooms. Each room can accommodate two adults. You can either book a room for one person (more expensive) or share it with a friend/partner/spouse (much cheaper). 

b) In 2023 you will have an option of staying in an off grid cabin.

Meals on our ranch:

You will be sharing a dining table with us. We only serve real food, which is meats, eggs, dairy, fruits, and veggies. No processed foods, no sodas. You will also observe and participate in food preparation. We want you to acquire new kitchen skills that you can use when you get back home.


These are plentiful and follow a schedule. A schedule will be posted soon.  


Before you book, read our

RESTRICTIONS and limitations:

  • LOCATION: please be aware we are at 2500m. This is considered medium-high altitude. If you aren’t sure how your body would handle such elevation, please check with your dr.
  • PETS & KIDS: We CANNOT accommodate pets. Not because we don’t like furry things, it’s because our animals may not get along with yours; we have two Belgian Malinois on guard, as well as small and large livestock that aren’t familiar with kids.
  • DIETS: Although fruits and vegetables are served regularly, we DO NOT cater to vegans and vegetarians. Coffee lovers rejoice. We make awesome espressos!
  • LANGUAGES: We speak many languages, but our official UthoriumTM language is ENGLISH. All our UthoriumTM programs are conducted in English.
  • TRANSPORT: Transportation/flight/bus/taxi, etc to and from the ranch is NOT INCLUDED. If you need special transport arrangements (from a bus stop, airport, etc), we can help you with additional cost.
  • TIMING: Please note your reservation is only for the specified time period. We can’t shift your dates. No shows will be cancelled the next day. Notify us ASAP in case you get delayed.
  • FEES: Minimum 50% of the fees are payable before arrival. The rest is due the day of the arrival. 
  • CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations are subject to 10% charge. If a cancellation is made less than 7 days before arrival the cancellation fee is 20%. 


When can I come?

Our anticipated opening is December 2022. Please check our booking page for availability.

Be our first guest, but … hurry up! Reserve your spot now to avoid a “sold out” disappointment.

Health is a Skill, not a Pill.