Uthing Adventures at the Uthorium?




Tucked on the highlands of central Mexico the UthoriumTM has been designated as our UthingTM headquarters.

It is our meeting place, our “lecture hall”, our workshop and also our mandatory fun spot. It’s our off-grid ranch, a “school” where we practice an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s the place where you will work on perfecting your health, while thinking you are on a lazy vacation. We call those Uthing Adventures.

Who is it for?

Uthing Adventures are for the:

  • overweight,
  • fatigued,
  • flabb-ish,
  • sedentary,
  • and those who need to health-upgrade their lifestyle

We help with reversing

  • stubborn weight,
  • cardiovascular risk,
  • T2 diabetes,
  • pre-diabetes,
  • insulin resistance

What would you be doing there?

You will be discovering your body needs and the fastest way to get back to health. You will learn what your symptoms means, what your lab numbers mean, and how you need to adjust your lifestyle to get an A in health. 

You will eat organic food, get plenty of fresh air, admire unspoiled natural landscape, and participate in a variety of physical activities. You will enjoy fresh eggs, meat, fruits, veggies, and herbs … straight from the ranch. You will learn how to grow food, make healthy meals, and discover how to invite happiness and harmony into your life, hands-on.

In summary, you will eat, relax, learn, and get an A in health.

Our UthoriumTM is a working ranch where we, besides providing health guidance, also teach a deep respect for planet resources, boost health skills, and promote living with kindness. We don’t aim to be fancy. We aim to be real. We teach real lessons to real people and we use real environment for that.


The Uthorium team


DrD will be your primary health guide. She is a highly experienced naturopathic physician and accomplished author. You can visit her YouTube channel LiveUthing here. Bring your blood work to the Uthorium. It will be expertly evaluated and the program will be adjusted to your body’s needs.


Andi a massage therapist, fitness trainer, and tireless inventor; He will assess your mobility, and set up an effective fitness program. He can also guide you through the details of homesteading and off-grid living, if that’s your interest.


Dhar, our youngest addition, a talented chef with a passion for fitness and real-food nutrition. He will show you how to work the kitchen so your meals are going to be simple, nutritious, and bursting with flavor. He will also help you with fitness motivation.

What’s included:

Choose between staying one or two weeks. 1 week can get your feet wet, but 2 weeks will give you a solid foundation you can use forever. Come with a friend. It will be more fun, and cheaper.

Accommodation on our ranch:

a) if you come in a self-contained RV, you will have a parking spot with an incredible view

b) if you come in a car, you will be staying in our LUVe, LUVe, or Live Uthing Vehicle, is Andi’s baby. He converted it to an off-grid marvel from a well-used FedEx van. We used LUVe to travel across North America before the pandemic started.

c) we are in the process of building cozy off grid cabins. They will be ready for 2023 guests.

Meals on our ranch:

You will be sharing our dining table and that means you will be off processed food. Instead, you will be enjoying real food with macros that are best suited for your needs. You will be participating in food preparation. This way you can acquire new kitchen skills and use those when you get back home.

Health lessons:

First, we will help you understand your body, your body language, and your body needs. We will go over your symptoms, and blood work (if you bring it with you). We will demystify those for you. We will help you set realistic and achievable health goals.

Expect to spend a great deal of time discussing your health needs with DrD. You can do it either in her private office, at the kitchen table, or at the office table or at the lake while sipping some raspberry cider. Your choice.

Fitness instructions:

You will have daily fitness “blessings” from Andi and Dhar. That means you will learn your body mechanics, your strong and weak points. We will aim to improve your mobility as well as cardiovascular capacity. You will be amazed what your body is capable of doing after some skilled coaching. We work with coach potatoes as well as seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

Before you book, read our

RESTRICTIONS and limitations:

  • LOCATION: please be aware we are at 2500m. This is considered medium-high altitude. If you aren’t sure how your body would handle such elevation, please check with your dr.
  • PETS & KIDS: We CANNOT accommodate pets. Not because we don’t like furry things, it’s because our animals may not get along with yours; we have two Belgian Malinois on guard, as well as small and large livestock that aren’t familiar with kids.
  • DIETS: Although fruits and vegetables are served regularly, we DO NOT cater to vegans and vegetarians. Coffee lovers rejoice. We make awesome espressos!
  • LANGUAGES: We speak many languages, but our official UthoriumTM language is ENGLISH. All our UthoriumTM programs are conducted in English.
  • TRANSPORT: Transportation/flight/bus/taxi, etc to and from the ranch is not included. If you need special transport arrangements (from a bus stop, airport, etc), we can help you with additional cost.
  • TIMING: Please note your reservation is only for the specified time period. We can’t shift your dates. No shows will be cancelled the next day. To prevent cancellation, notify us ASAP in case you get delayed.


When can I come?

Our anticipated opening is October 2022. We are now accepting pre-bookings for 1 and 2 weeks for October, November, and December 2022.

Be our first guest, but … hurry up! Reserve your spot now to avoid a “sold out” disappointment.

Health is a Skill, not a Pill.