Vegetarian diet for leaky gut

Vegetarian Diet for Leaky Gut isn’t always a Good Idea

Stomach bloating, gurgling belly, fatigue, and brain fog? Maybe it’s the leaky gut.

Since fruits and veggies are healthy, you decided on a plant-based diet. The whole internet says that vegetarian diet for leaky gut may work wonders, so why not?

Not so fast!

Despite media pounding messages convincing you about the miracles of plant-based diet, research isn’t so sure about the claim. Ex vegans aren’t either. Neither am I after 20 years of mending leaky guts, fixing stomach bloats, and making other diet-related nastiness  disappear.


What’s wrong with adopting vegetarian diet for leaky gut?

Simple! Not all that grows is gut friendly.

Have you heard of gluten, lectins, phytic acid, oxalic acid, or chaconine? These are just few of many plant compounds that can ruin your gut. These are lurking everywhere, even if you are eating a healthy diet (or at least you think you are).

These compounds are in that delicious curry rice dish , in that yummy spinach salad, in that heart-friendly lentil soup, and that overpriced artisan bagel. You eat them, because you don’t dare to question the “healthy” part.

But of course, there’s nothing to question. It is healthy for you and healthy for the environment. Period.

These irrevocable “healthy” claims have been backed up by your MD (who is nutrition-illiterate), by your grocery store (that sells processed plant junk), by trendy fast food restaurants (so they can restore their reputation), by media (so they can keep on getting corporate sponsorship), and by politicians (there are big bucks to be made on climate hysteria and new energy programs).


Vegetarian diet isn’t a heal all miracle

Did you know that vegetarians are twice as likely as meat-eaters to suffer from…?

An 2014 Austrian study compared vegetarian to carnivorous diets and found that over 30% of vegetarians suffer from allergies. In comparison, less than 17% of heavy meat eaters.

I don’t find it surprising. Allergies are leaky gut dependent and plants have a lot of gut irritants.

I don’t find it surprising either that vegetarians were also found to be more cancer prone. After all, 80% of the immune system resides in the gut. The study noted 4.8% cancer rate for vegetarians vs 1.8% for heavy meat eaters.


What’s the best diet for leaky gut?

I am not interested in leaky gut and all the side-effects that come from eating gut-irritating foods. I am not interested in recurring colds & flus, autoimmune diseases, and environmental sensitivity. Life in a bubble sucks.

I want a diet that makes me healthy and robust, not weak and frail. Which diet is that? I don’t have all the answers, but I know for sure, it is not vegan. Until I find it, I will keep my mind open for good, bad, new, forgotten, and unpopular research.

Now, how’s YOUR diet working for YOU? Don’t guess, check.


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