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Vitamin treatment for heat rash


Too hot in the summer? Too cold in the winter? There is an easy solution for that. A series of scientific human studies done during 70s and 80s has demonstrated that nutrition has a lot to do with how you feel during extreme temperatures.

Heat rash – not a heat problem?

Intense redness, burning and itching of skin that causes distress and prevents sleeping is common in infants and seniors during hot summers. The symptoms are usually called a “heat rash”.

Although avoidance of heat can sure solve the problem, it may be impractical or even impossible. I think that hiding away from heat, which also means avoiding summer fun, is not the best solution. A much better option is to have a healthy body that can tolerate heat, summer and fun. So, how is it done you ask?

Heat rash – vitamin C deficiency?

Several experiments on miners and soldiers have demonstrated that heat rash can lessen and even disappear quickly with the use of vitamin C. A recommended daily adult dose of 500 mg is sufficient to accomplish that. This small dose works well even in people that have a tendency of heat strokes and heat exhaustion.

Elderly, athletes, as well as people who work in the heat benefit greatly from vitamin C. With this nutritional therapy you can feel more comfortable, carry on with your activities such as work and play as usual. The effect of the supplementation on skin and overall performance can be seen as early as 30 minutes after the first dose.

This as well as many other nutritional studies have documented that well nourished bodies perform better in extreme environments, tolerate environmental changes more easily and are less at risk of suffering physical ailments while exposed to the extremes.

Well nourished bodies give you more freedom to enjoy life they way you want. Well nourished bodies remove obstacles for you to experience nature and outdoor adventures worry free.  So, what are you waiting on? Check your nutrient statusFor other health tests check Our STORE

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