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Want firmer erections? Think cholesterol

Erectile dysfunction is as common as cars on the streets. Although you may think that erectile problems are only affecting older men, many young men have admitted to having trouble in this area. With ED raging, firmer erections are now at a premium.

Many erectile problems are blamed on emotions, but there is a good number of emotionally sound males are not able to have firmer erections.

If not being shy, what else can we blame the limp on? Maybe we can find the cause in faulty pneumatics.

Firmer erections and your pipes

The penis is an organ greatly depended on blood flow. Better blood flow equals firmer erections. Unfortunately, the opposite is true as well. With cardiovascular problems raging among men it is not difficult to figure out that poor circulation flow may be behind poor performance.

But, what is the most common reason behind poor blood flow? You may already an answer to this one: clogged arteries. Yes, cholesterol deposits in penis can ruin firmer erections. 

Cholesterol deposits an enemy of firmer erections

When you hear cholesterol you think “heart”, but if you are a male you should also think “penis”, because cholesterol deposits narrow blood vessels not only in one place and they can have varied effects. Fatty deposits in blood vessels of the eyes will cause vision problems, in brain will cause learning, memory, and comprehension problems, and cholesterol deposits in the penis will diminish the chances for a full erection.

However, fatty deposits are not due to high cholesterol, but due to excessive inflammation. Cholesterol sticks to blood vessel not because of some random chance, but to protect and repair the surface. To stop the process of arterial narrowing, don’t look into lowering your cholesterol, but into calming down inflammation.

If you want is to stop fatty deposit, lowering  cholesterol will just not do. Lowering cholesterol does not stop or dissolve arterial deposits, because lowering the numbers on the blood test does not stop inflammation that causes blood vessel injury. Very few men know that lowering cholesterol can actually act against firmer erections.

You need testosterone

To be a real man you need cholesterol. Without cholesterol you cannot make testosterone, a male sex hormone.

Most people forget that testosterone is made from cholesterol and it is testosterone that controls the macho factor: muscles, confidence, and strength. It is also testosterone that charges sex drive, maintains male sex organ function and male body characteristics.

You need cholesterol

Cholesterol is not as bad as you may think. The opposite, you actually need it to live. Every single cell of your body must have cholesterol or will not survive.

Cholesterol is essential to keep integrity and fluidity of cell membranes, cells’ external envelopes. Without cholesterol membranes weaken and break down. This increases higher cell turnover and promote aging

The Cholesterol TrapCholesterol is good for the heart. It is a cortisol precursor, a natural anti-inflammatory hormone. Insufficient cortisol contributes to inflammations. And as you know from earlier, it is inflammation, and not the cholesterol that is behind fatty deposits.

Although cholesterol is blamed for heart attacks, strokes, and other serious cardiovascular problems recent studies suggest that cholesterol is simply a diligent worker doing its job, and not the bad guy after all. To prevent clogging up arteries or to reverse the damage already done focus on calming down inflammation, eating high antioxidant diet and doing physical conditioning exercises yourself. Cholesterol levels will go down on their own and you will be rewarded with firmer erections.  To find out why low fat, stains, and low cholesterol are bad for you read my new book “The Cholesterol Trap!”


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