Warning! Foot Fetish epidemics

When Andi and I came back from Springwater (Ontario) hike we crashed. The woods were infested with flies and we had to keep a brisk pace to leave the bugs behind. We had a great lower and upper body workout!

Coming back home our two Golden Retrievers, Tiger and Leo dropped on their sides half-dead from heat and exhaustion. I was sitting on the sofa reflecting and relaxing when Sheba, our Main Coon cat, came in. She stays inside for most part, except for an occasional trip to the backyard.

Sheba`s rub

As she came in, she saw Leo lying down and started to rub against his paws. Leo is very tolerant and he was also tired. He did not even lift his head to see what was happening. Sheba took advantage. Fascinated with the smell of his feet Sheba kept on rubbing as if trying to get that smell on freedom transfer onto herself. She got into a frenzy (see the video).

Leo’s feet carried aromas of dense woods, strange plants, mushrooms, and wild animals. She wanted to experience it all! So she rubbed, and rubbed, and rubbed intensely against the paws dreaming she was there. She wanted to be part of the adventure at least by carrying a little bit of this scent herself. She missed all those birds, frogs, and bugs, but she could not be there!

Do you suffer from foot fetish?

Do you watch adventures? Have you seen people surfing in Hawaii, ice climbing in Norway or, trekking the lost trails of the Incas? Have you wished you could be there?

If you can`t you sort of have Sheba`s experience… a bit of what others lived through… it is like dreaming, only to limit yourself to foot fetish. Stop that imprisonment. Go out and finally live yourself!

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