Weekend workout – boys’ playground

For some of us skipping our exercise routine while on vacation is not an option. But how can anyone carry all the necessary gym equipment to every fun destination?

So we used what was provided for us. Our campground had a small beach with a playground on it. Although we had our kettlebells with us, Andi decided to turn the kid’s playground into a manly outdoor gymnasium.

We wanted to prove that a typical playground can be used for workouts in case exercise enthusiasts end up stranded in nowhere-ness. We were right.

No excuses. Playground will do.

Although we had some hesitations to use the playground for ourselves, we quickly got rid of our initial embarrassment.  As no kids were around Andi took over the beach and the playground. Boys will always be boys regardless of age, so why pretend otherwise. Whether you are ten, thirty, or fifty, you will sure find some appeal between an old tire swing, tube slide and a horizontal ladder.

Andi used the swing frame for pull ups and couldn’t resist the opportunity to show off some of his acrobatics. The horizontal ladder came in handy for inverse push ups, and then he tried to push down a flat rock on the beach. The workout with kiddie equipment turned out not to be kiddie at all, leaving behind some sore muscles and elevated heart rate. So, no excuses, please. Even in case of lack of exercise equipment it is possible to work out vigorously with ropes and bars for free.

Time to fool around

Stop being shy. Fool around. See what you can and cannot do physically. Set yourself some goals. If you cannot do even one pushups, work towards it. If you can do ten, then work towards twenty. Develop skills, bond with your kids, and first and foremost have healthy fun. It is much better for you and your kids than a bottle of beer and baseball on TV. Wouldn’t you agree?

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