weight loss helps with hair loss

Weight loss helps with hair loss

A head full of luscious hair has always been a symbol of vitality, robust health and well-being.

Unfortunately according to recent statistics close to 70% of men and 40% of women will lose that sign of youthfulness in their lifetime. But why?Are we all that genetically unfortunate?

Or maybe we miss the fact that hair is attached to scalp, and scalp is attached to the rest of the body and this aesthetic misfortune may originate from poor state of health.

Hair loss linked to insulin resistance in men

Did you know that multiple studies have already established a link between hair loss in men and their state of health? Men that see their hair thinning should look at their medical records more carefully and see their cardiovascular and hormonal profile before calling a transplant doctor.

Men who lose their hair are likely to have insulin resistance, atherosclerosis and high cholesterol. These three health issues need to be addressed before hair stops falling.

But be aware that taking a cholesterol or sugar-reducing pills will do nothing to promote hair growth. Contrary to popular belief these pills do not repair or restore the body to health. Why would they help with hair if they do not address the underlying causes of health derailment.  They only change temporarily lab numbers.

To permanently improve hair quality you must address the underlying causes. Below are links to help to deal with underlying problems.

Waist to hip ratio predicts baldness in women

Studies found a similar pattern in women. Women who exhibit thinning of hair and male pattern baldness are likely to also be overweight and suffer from insulin resistance. We need to remember that problems in body do not show up in isolation, but are strongly interconnected. Hair loss and sugar metabolism connection is just one example of this phenomenon and shows how poor health is able to reduce body aesthetics. 

How would you know that you may be at a risk of sugar metabolism issues? Insulin resistance increases belly circumference and changes in body proportion are likely to be the first give-away signs of developing it. Women with insulin resistance lose their hourglass figure and replace it with an apple shape.  

Bloated stomach, larger part size, and general heaviness in not just unhealthy, but has far reaching anti-beauty consequences. Beauty and health go together and women with large waist to hip ratio are the ones that will be balding most. How to detect and reverse faulty sugar metabolism is explained in the following links.

Get real. No amount of trendy “stop hair loss” shampoo will bring back luscious hair. No amount of expensive hair potions will correct hormonal imbalance and make you lose weight. For that youthful look you must put an effort to bring your hormones back into sync, drop few pounds and get back to your sexy proportions.

Insulin resistance promoting habits

If you truly are committed to have great health and hair that reflect it you need to find time for an honest look at your lifestyle habits.

  • Do you eat a lot of sugar? You may not be aware of that but all grains convert into sugar after ingestion. For example, cup of cooked rice or oatmeal will convert to 11-15 cubes of sugar after swallowing. Cutting out sugar that goes to your coffee or tea makes very little difference to your blood sugar
  • Is salad your favorite health food? Too bad. Salad dressings are made of pro-inflammatory and insulin-resistance promoting poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). Canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, vegetable oil and sunflower oil all carry a huge amount of health-altering PUFA. Using them put you at a higher risk of developing degenerative diseases.
  • Do you juice or smoothie fruits for health? You may not be aware but instead of getting healthier you may be actually making yourself put on weight.
  • Are you a pre-diabetic? Do you know that according to most modern estimates you have 90% chance to have early insulin metabolism issue? Despite this huge number only one out of twenty people are aware of their poor health. 
  • Is walking your favorite fitness activity? Unfortunately walking here and there does nothing to improve or reverse insulin-resistance neither will make you lose weight. To lose one pound of fat you will need to walk 15 hours straight, a very unlikely task.

Health and beauty go together and great hair is not a coincidence. If you have thinning hair, unsightly skin growths, unflattering physique, fragile nails, falling out teeth or other aesthetic problems it is time to revisit your current lifestyle habits and upgrade them to health-promoting.

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