Unconventionally Healthy Lifestyle for Super-Functional and Youthful Bodies

Live Uthing

or in short…

How to get healthier, kinder, beautiful…

Our Mission

Our mission is to dispel nonsense health myths and provide you with the tools to become healthier, kinder, and more beautiful. We want you to thrive: be happy, functional, physically strong, and biochemically perfect. That’s why we created a system that shows you how to do it in just 60 days.

Healthy people are more productive, more attractive, less dependent on others, and kinder on the planet, so why not? Join us in our mission to:

1. Reduce medication use

  • Prescription medication is the number one environmental killer. Consider that 93% of streams in USA contain high levels of medication that affects wildlife and that early all ground waters in USA contain residue of 100 to 200 different drugs. No pill is innocent. For example, a common diabetic medication metformin feminizes fish and prevents its reproduction. Cholesterol-lowering medication prevents plant growth. Diclofenac, a popular painkiller, wiped out an entire population of vultures in India.  Health does not need to be propped by pills. Staying healthy is the best way to help your planet thrive.

2. Reduce use of agri-chemistry

  • Pesticides and herbicides make devastating changes to the soil and contribute to climate change. They decimate worms, insects and birds. They create ocean dead zones. They displace farmers. Too bad, many people don’t realize that by buying conventional produce they support vicious cycle of the environmental devastation. Don’t choose food, because it is cheap. Choose food because it is healthy for you and healthy for the planet.

3. Reduce man-made garbage

  • Consumerism isn’t anything new in North America. We buy, because we want more, we want different, and we want better. But with every new thing we purchase, something ends up in a garbage pile, or somewhere else. Landfills are turning toxic and contribute to greenhouse gases. Oceans are becoming a plastic dump. Food packaging, take-out containers, plastic bottles, yogurt cups, snacks wrappers, and other man-made conveniences float about or pile up for decades without being degraded. Don’t contribute. Learn to distinguish wants from needs, go minimal, and learn how to cook. Make the difference. You have a chance every day.

Are you with us? Healthy is beautiful, kind, and functional. We will teach you how to get there.