Wellness benchmark: How is your body doing? How far are you from “super health”? How much effort do you need to put in to feel better and which system should you start with? Curious? Need a direction? Need some motivation? Get to know your wellness benchmark. It will help you understand your body and direct health efforts regardless of the type of care you choose.

Eye opener: If you’ve been paying attention to health and have done the right things UthingTM Scores will reflect that. Got an “A” or a “B”? Boast about it! You deserve it. If you haven’t paid attention to health in a while or did things that weren’t very useful for your body, you may be surprised with lower scores. Don’t despair. “C” should get you motivated. “D” should get you thinking. Try to get a notch above.

Self-care pathfinder: Would you want to put more effort into self care, but not sure how to start? UthingTM Scores will help you establish priorities by finding your weak systems. Always start your efforts at the weakest link. This approach brings the best results.

Effort checker: Are you on a health mission? About to test a new treatment, new diet, or a new modality? Do before and after tests to see whether your efforts are paying off.

UthingTM Scores do not:

Provide disease diagnosis: To get proper diagnosis one needs to fulfill special diagnostic criteria. In no way Scores can provide any of that. Diagnosis can only be provided by a qualified health care practitioner.

Provide complete health assessment: A self-assessment questionnaire has limitations. It is totally dependent on the quality of the responses. The Scores can only work for you if you give accurate answers. Remember: garbage in, garbage out. Be aware that to have a complete UthingTM picture you will need your biochemical and functional score on top of answering questions about symptoms and appearance.

Replace qualified medical care: UthingTM Scores are guidelines for self-care, not a treatment or replacement of a qualified health care provider. Use the Scores as they are intended: for self-discovery, for information and education purposes only.

Who is it for?

UthingTM Scores are not for everyone. They are only suitable for individuals generally regarded as “healthy” who are curious about their position on a health continuum. UthingTM Scores are not suitable for individuals that are infirm, have a major disease, or are disabled. In such cases bodies work differently and the Scores cannot not reflect that.

Why should you care to know your Score?

I bet, you don’t want to get surprised by a nasty medical diagnosis. But did you know that degenerative diseases start as a minor health decline decades before any medical test can verify them?

Don’t let your doctor surprise you. Keep yourself at “A” or “B” to stay away from ill-health and diseases as far as possible.