how common is fluctuating blood pressure

How to lower blood pressure immediately – instructions

How to lower blood pressure immediately? That’s how: use this breathing technique for immediate results. This is an instructional page. If you want to get more background on the technique, please visit this page: what can lower blood pressure in minutes.

To lower spiked blood pressure follow the steps below.


  1. Take a breath from your belly (not shoulders!) while counting slowly to four.
  2. Stop for a count of two and then release your breath slowly on a count of four again.
  3. Stop for a second before you take another breath. 
  4. Repeat.


Important tips: make sure the breath is always from the belly, never from the neck or shoulders. Continue till your spiked blood pressure comes down. This technique works for blood pressure that is elevated due to stress, excitement, and overexertion. The results are immediate, however temporary.

How to lower blood pressure permanently

Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressureTo permanently stop blood pressure spikes you must look into the causes. Here are excellent article that can explain the reasons for your blood pressure spikes:

And here are a few tools that can get you there faster

If you are serious about betterment of the heart health you should consider following the steps outlined in The Ultimate Guide. It will help you understand the causes behind sudden blood pressure spikes, and natural ways to approach them, from foods, to vitamins, to herbs, and exercises.

If it happens that your BP fluctuations have something to do with cholesterol you also may want to refer to “Cholesterol Trap! It will give some peace of mind about when to lower and when not to lower cholesterol numbers.

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