What causes bloating in the stomach

What causes bloating in the stomach (4 reasons, many solutions)

When is the last time you had a bloated stomach? Chances are you may even have it now.

Bloating in the stomach is extremely common. Every third person experiences recurrent stomach bloating even though is neither healthy, nor pretty. Good news is getting rid of the bloat is rather easy.

This post if for the fans of flat belly who still struggle with persistent bloating in the stomach.

In the video you will learn

  • how to perform trapped gas test,
  • sound-distinguish between two causes of stomach bloating,
  • get an idea why mangoes, but not bananas contribute to bloating in the stomach,
  • what symptoms of methane toxicity you need to look out for, and
  • why you shouldn’t be using gas relieving medication.

This is what’s in the video:

  • Trapped gas test
  • Test to distinguish between two causes of bloated stomach
  • What to do to flatten belly
  • Foods to eat and avoid for immediate relief
  • How to un-constipate
  • The reasons for fluid bloating in the stomach
  • Why you need to pay attention to inflammation
  • Why laxatives may do nothing
  • Which healthy foods can cause stomach bloating
  • Why chocolate milk and cereals may be your worst bloating nightmares
  • How to test for food sensitivities
  • Why bloating is neither normal nor healthy
  • Which meds contribute to stomach bloating
  • Symptoms of methane toxicity
  • Which nutrient deficiencies are common in stomach bloating
  • Why stomach bloaters react negatively to carbohydrates
  • Effective and fringe solutions for bloating in the stomach
  • 3 reasons for sibo
  • 4 types of meds that contribute to sibo
  • Symptoms suggesting malnutrition from SIBO
  • Why mangoes and cauliflower are hidden bloaters
  • Why you shouldn’t be using gas relieving medication

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