What causes migraine? A new approach

Yes, migraines are curable. Even if you think you’ve tried it all and nothing helped migraines can be cured permanently. All you need to do is find the cause. The causes of migraines are many, and unfortunately even pain and migraine clinics miss many obvious migraine triggers. If you still battle migraines, do not despair, just look further.

Linda had migraines all her life, or at least for twenty or thirty years. Now in her forties Linda was convinced that she had to live with migraines for the rest of her live. She had the migraines 2-4 times a week and to ease the pain she need to rely on heavy medication. When she came she was just hoping to minimize side effects of the drugs. She was not even thinking that her migraines can ever go away. She thought it was genetic and she must live with it.

In the past she visited numerous doctors, migraine clinics, pain specialists, acupuncturists, and several other holistic practitioners. Nothing helped. Her doctors performed all possible tests including MRI and CT scan. No cause could be determined, which convinced her that migraines are a permanent part of her life. Every time she was stressed or it was about to rain her migraine would start. She attributed her migraines to stress and weather. Neither of which she could change.

When I examined her, I found that the muscles around her neck were very tight and she suffered from anxiety. That proviced the first clue, but our standard biochemical test confirmed the causes of her migraines. Although sceptical she promised to follow my no-migraine rules for two weeks. When she came back she said she no longer suffered from migraines. She still couldn’t believe that the migraines that had plaqued her all her life could simply disappear. It took her a few weeks to adjust to a life without migraines. A life she knew nothing about. Although her stress did not go away and there were many rainy days, Linda had no more migraines.

What happened?

All migraines have causes. And no, they are not genetic or incurable. The success in curing migraines lies in finding and removing the primary triggers. Linda thought she had two triggers: stress and weather. Yet, these were not the primary triggers. Standard orthodox medicine accepts stress and weather as common migraine triggers, but does not look further why some people react to weather or stress with migraines, and some people don’t. Linda and I went a step further. We looked for primary triggers, the triggers that cause migraines due to weather or stress. We found them.

Linda had two primary triggers nobody paid attention to: low blood sugar and tight knots in her neck muscles. Every time she did not eat or eat the wrong foods her sugar dropped and, as a result, she was more sensitive to stress and weather. Every time she was more stressed her muscles around the neck tightened causing migraines. It took half an hour to remove the tight knots and another half an hour to adjust the diet, that’s it. From then on, the primary triggers were removed and she no longer had migraines. Very simple.

If you still suffer from headaches or migraines and you have given up, stay optimistic that there may be cure waiting for you. Although it is tempting to get the hottest anti-migraine herb from the internet or the newest drug from your doctor, you need to know you have a slim chance of finding a cure in a pill. If you continuously have to take something to prevent or reduce your migraines, you haven’t cured anything, and are using wrong correctors.




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