what food boost the immune system

What foods boost the immune system?

There is an ongoing debate about what is the best diet style for good health, longevity, and which are foods that boost immune system.

Would it be a vegetarian diet that is so highly praised for its health benefits, or we should rather include animal-based foods due to their precious amino acid content?

Would honey with lemon fight flu by itself, or maybe oregano or cinnamon be better? Do Brazil nuts are among foods that boost immune system due to their high selenium content, or maybe we should eat egg yolks instead because they are rich in cancer-fighting vitamin D?

Chia seeds or flax seeds, beef or chicken, full-fat or low-fat, ancient grain, granola or quick oats? Do you really know which are the best foods that boost immune system?

Don’t even bother!


Nutrition matters for immune system

Foods matter for you, but do not bother with any of the above details! Our bodies run on nutrients and to build strong defenses you should be on the hunt for the highest nutrient dense foods.

So what would that be: carrots or steak? Take a deep breath again and relax! If you are finding yourself on the answer crossroads you are still missing the point.

Unless your food comes from high quality soil, is subject to minimal nutrient-removing processing and is free of man-made toxic additives, it does not matter whether you are eating bananas or eggs, because you are not getting nutrient dense-quality food, but only a poor look-alike imitation.

An orange is not equal to an orange. Unless you understand the difference between organically-grown quality fruit and GMO “Frankenfood” you will never get any nutritional advice straight.

Are you really eating foods that boost immune system?

You may think you are eating high fruit and vegetable diet, and all foods that boost immune system, but in fact you may be getting closer to an immune disaster with every bite. Unless you can understand the difference between pesticide-free grown lettuce and toxic pesticide residue on spinach leaves you will never build a strong body.

Whether you are fighting flu, cancer, arthritis or just want to have a better body, there are simple steps that you need to follow. Do not worry about whether kale or beef, but rather consider the following:

  1. Is it a nutrientdense food or a nutrient-poor food?
  2. Is it processed food or unprocessed food?
  3. Is it sprayed with herbicides/pesticide or not?

Foods that boost immune system

If you are feeling unsettled and MUST know the best foods that boost immune system you will be pleased to know that I have dedicated a 3-part series just to that topic. Jump quickly to part 1 and find out on why some foods are more important that others.

Become food expert on immunity

But let’s go back to three questions about food quality. Unless you can answer those with confidence you may as well abandon any further expert dietary changes. You may juice your green vegetables all day long, but if your lettuce, spinach, and kale are grown in a nutrient-poor soil, are sprayed with growth-promoting and insect/weed killing chemicals, contain insect DNA do you really think you are detoxifying, strengthening body defenses, and defying degenerative diseases?

ousting sniffles how to boost weak immune systemGet real! If you spend your dollars on supposedly “good-for-you” high-fibre nutritional bars without paying attention to how grains are grown and processed, you are just subsidizing world-wide chemicalization, GMO-zation, wild-life decimation, and deforestation. Your dollars are your vote. So what’s important to you: emotionally charged front label claims or the real background information and a healthy planet? Foods that boost the immune system are high in nutrients, organic, and non-processed. To become an expert on boosting body defenses, pick up a great read “Ousting Sniffles“.

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