Would you get grumpy when old

Would you get grumpy when old? One way to tell

Old people get grumpy. You know at least one or two that mumbles around, have bad temper, get annoyed at everything, and get irritable at anyone. 

Are you going to get grumpy when old?

Yes? No? And most importantly, why do you think so?

I have highly irritable genes. I took them after my mother. I am afraid they are going to resurface one day. Maybe when I am 70, hopefully later. 

But then again, why would my molar-to-molar grin turn to vinegar one day, just because of an extra few years on my resume? 

You get grumpy when in discomfort

My mom wasn’t always ill-tempered. She became such, but not due to her older age, but due to her illness.

She was always in pain, she was always in discomfort, she did not know how to manage her health, she did not know how to deal with stress. 

Inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, and pain aren’t things to smile about. She didn’t. She carried them for years without giving it a second thought. She believed diseases are a natural part of human makeup, so all was fine.

She thought she was just health-unfortunate. Constant pain made her habitually grumpy, not that she wanted it. Grumpiness was just a natural state that resulted from her chronic discomfort. 

What are your chances of catching old-age grump disease? 

If you had a crystal ball, would you see yourself aging grumpy? I know, you can’t tell. You don’t have a crystal ball. 

But you CAN estimate your chances. Since grumpiness is linked to discomfort, your future temperament much depends on the state of your dis-EASE today. (dis-ease = dis-comfort)

Grumpiness warning signs

Estimating grumpiness risk isn’t difficult. You just have to clarify a few things about yourself. 

  • Are you in good health? If yes, your chances for getting grumpy in the future is low. 
  • If you aren’t in good health, your risk for grumpiness will increase with age, unless you improve your health
  • If you aren’t sure, here are two common warning signs to look for today: 
  • Physical health; do you suffer from chronic inflammation: your joints are painful, you carry excess weight in your belly, and frequently experience water retention? (these are common sources of lingering physical discomfort)
  • Mental health: do you get stressed easily, seldom smile, have few friends, put nasty comments on Facebook, enjoy gossip, and feel resentful easily; (mental anguish can be worse than physical pain)
Still not sure? 


How did you score? 

What’s your grumpy risk? 

I am personally not too fond of grumpy people. I prefer my friends more on the optimistic side. They give me life. They make others happy. They are wonderful to be around. 

So, back to you. Are you, and your body happy? Are you and your body healthy? Great if yes! But what if not? This is what may help:

Your steps to lowering grumpiness risk:

  • To lower grumpiness risk, lower your chronic discomfort
  • To lower your chronic discomfort, lower your chronic inflammation 
  • To lower your chronic inflammation, change your lifestyle habits.

So wait! Old age grumpiness is a choice? 

Psss… I did’t say anything.

What now? 

Healthy Body Starts from a Healthy Attitude

Do your beliefs support your health goals?