Acne free & where do the zits come from

Where do zits come from?


So, it happened. You wake up one beautiful morning, look in a mirror, and… you notice the morning is no longer so beautiful.

A zit crawled into your bedroom last night attached itself onto your cheek and insists on sitting there for good. This is not fair!!!!

Zits don’t happen by chance

Not really. Zits do not happen by chance. Zits do not sneak under your door or e-mail themselves. Zits have a cause. Natural beauty comes from good health. And you do not need a myriad of cosmetic procedures to be beautiful.

Did you know that poor health shows on the face? Zits, bags under eyes, dark circles, red cheeks, parched lips, brown spots all are related to poor health, poor nutrition, poor detoxification, or some kind of other health problems.

Unfortunately, very little is being said about this beauty-health connection, because cosmetic industry is waiting anxiously to solve your skin problem with a cream or a lotion, not with nutrition or health advice.

Acne means inflammation

So, where do zits come from? I treat a lot of acne in my office and most of those are related to nutrition. Frequently acne improves or resolves with small changes in the diet and zits eventually stop crawling into bedrooms. Acne is an inflammatory problem and usually goes away when inflammation calms down.

There are many ways to get the inflammation out of your system, but in order not to complicate the matters here are some simple tricks for you for today.

Nutritional solutions for acne

Here is the western nutritional approach: get yourself off sugars and fats; that means your pizza, cola, and whip cream should be scrutinized. Watch out for gravies, sweet alcoholic beverages, fruit juices and grease. Just that approach alone may work for you.

If you want to get a bit more sophisticated you may also want to use Traditional Chinese Medicine. Asian medicine classifies foods as hot and cold.

Hot food will cause more inflammation, and thus more acne. Here is a list of the hottest foods: chili, cinnamon, garlic, horseradish, mustard, black pepper, trout, and lamb. There is a whole list of warm foods, which you can download and post in your room.


Remember also, that the more you cook your food the hotter it becomes. Roasted and grilled food is the hottest, so maybe fried rice is not that acne friendly.

If you are impatient about your skin you may want to add cold foods to your diet. These are anti-inflammatory. Eat things raw. Raw food is cooler than cooked. Cold foods include: yogurt, grapefruit, lemon, rhubarb, asparagus, bamboo shoot, and wheat germ.

Enjoy your acne-free days and remember: natural beauty comes from the inside.


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