Why we left string beans behind

So, it is nearly middle of August and our string beans are still hanging off the stems. Likely, they will remain there for good.

Last year I planted a garden. I thought organic vegetables are super expensive, why not save a little bit. I made up four nice raised beds, filled them with nutrient-rich soil and dropped in easy to grow seeds. I did not have much gardening experience, so “easy” was especially underlined in my mind.

In a few weeks zucchinis, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, arugula, lettuce, and herbs were ready to be harvested. I got them and we ate them. But not this year.

Our carnivore experiment taught us a lot. As the experiment continued we became increasingly suspicious of various plants. Green beans were first highlighted, then became blacklisted, mostly due to their oxalate content. 

Over the last few months I realized how oxalate deposits f… up my body, from joint dysfunction to systemic inflammation (read weight gain). And beans (supposedly a “healthy” veggie) were part of the secret plot. 

So, goodbye green beans. Keep on hanging off the stems. I don’t need you f… up my shoulders and knees any more. 

PS. From my old clinic file:

Some two decades ago a middle-aged woman (new patient) showed up . She was on a keto diet. She was slim and well put together. The only thing she complained about was some sort of joint discomfort (she did not have arthritis).

She wanted to know if she had any food allergies. We did Elisa blood test. It came back surprisingly different than other people’s. Out of 200 foods she only was sensitive to one: green beans. I did not know the dark side of green beans at that time and her results kept on puzzling me. But.. 

.. now I know. Yep, green beans stay on the black list.

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