Uthing Score Card is your self-improvement guide. Uthing Score can tell you how far from “A” (super-health) you currently are and which areas of your body need most attention.

It can also reveal whether your self-improvement measures e.g. weight loss, dietary change, habit change, supplements, prescription or OTC medication are boosting your health or not.

Your Uthing Score is calculated automatically from these four Uthing tests:

To get the Uthing Score, do the above test and enter all the results below.

Uthing Score explained

Now since you have your precious Uthing Score you may be pondering what it means and how it can help you in getting your health back.

1. Your Uthing Score is a great comparison tool:
  • You can compare yourself to the ideal and see where your score fits in the health continuum


2. Your Uthing Score can guide you in the right direction

Not all health advice works. Not all advice is good for you. Some can even be harmful. So why not check.

There is no restriction to what you can test. You can test anything: a supplement, exercise regiment, medical procedure, prescription medication, a specialized program, or a dietary change. If the protocol is good for you, your Score will improve. If not, your score will either stay the same or go down.

Test the new protocol after trying it for one or two months. Then retest yourself and compare your “before” and “after” Uthing Score. Retest periodically to see if you are continuing on the right track.

Why not get an “A” in health?!

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